Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Custom] Bandai HG 1/144 GN-GM (Customised Build)

Model Number: GN-GM
Designation: Celestial Being Mass Production Attack Use Mobile Suit

If a single Gundam-type mobile suit was able to stop petty wars and territorial conflicts, can a whole army of them actually change the world?

That was the question posed by Aeolia Schenberg to Celestial Being's smartest and brightest, engineers and scientists tasked with the development of the next generation of machines to accelerate the proven tactic of armed intervention.

The GN-GM was the intended mass produced form of the 0 Gundam, Celestial Being's first-ever Gundam-type machine. Created from the technical blueprints and recorded combat data of the 0 Gundam, the GN-GM was designed to succeed its prototype predecessor and translate Aeolia Schenberg's broader plans into concrete action.

Slated for introduction after the deployment of the 0 Gundam but before the new generation Gundam-types, the GN-GM was quite literally a mass produced Gundam, invoking the visage of the 0 Gundam almost in its entirety. This resemblance was quite deliberate as the psychological impact of the 0 Gundam on rank-and-file military forces was recorded to be quite profound. Therefore, the GN-GM retained most of the 0 Gundam's design features, with only the Gundam-type head unit switched to a cheaper, visor-dome variant that incorporated mid-range sensor capabilities.

Despite being a mass produced grunt unit, the GN-GM was still equipped with a full-fledged solar furnace/ GN Drive, albeit a lower-performance model. A full GN Drive was chosen over a Particle Container system as the GN-GM needed the particle generation infrastructure to power all of its weapons and defensive equipment, necessitating a stable, constant stream of GN particles.

In its most basic configuration, the GN-GM sortied with a GN beam spray gun, a GN beam pistol, a GN Field equipped shield as well as a single GN beam saber. The GN beam pistol was stored on a recharge hardpoint on the inside of the shield while the GN beam saber was stored on a recharge socket on the GN-GM's backpack.

The GN-GM's beam weaponry nullified any and all contemporary armour plating, allowing the GN-GM to disable or outright destroy enemy mobile suit combatants with a single attack. Even the lowest-rated GN beam pistol was able to put a hole in the cockpit of a shielded HRL Tieren with little effort. The shield was able to generate a sheath of GN Particles over its surface to increase its defensive strength and if needed, could be expanded into a full GN Field with a short operation timer.

As a last resort weapon, the GN beam pistol had little charge capacity but could still pack a mean punch. Even if its range is quite limited to close range targets, the weapon could still utterly annihilate contemptary enemy armour. 

The GN beam saber was the GN-GM's only melee weapon, deployed when the mobile suit entered ultra close-quarters combat. A concentrated blade of GN particles, nothing much could stand in the way of the beam saber, although the blade could only be sustained for three minutes at full strength.

The GN-GM also had access to more conventional weaponry when the use of excessive force was not permitted. A GN Particle-propelled rocket launcher was used to deliver a high explosive warhead to "soft" targets, saving GN particles for hardier foes.

The GN-GM also had access to an experimental weapons system, codenamed the Rapier. As a GN beam submachine gun by default, the Rapier boasted a high rate of fire with decent damage per shot and little kickback, a formidable weapon in urban warfare. A change of the barrel unit morphed the Rapier into a large GN beam cannon, allowing the GN-GM to blitz enemy units with deadly beam damage from afar. The Rapier's design would be fine-tuned and mass produced for the Federation's mobile suit forces.

Despite being a mass produced machine, the GN-GM exhibited high performance and output on paper and in simulations. Nonetheless, Celestial Being diverted resources and expertise to develop the GNY-series of Gundam-type mobile suits instead, preferring to field a single unstoppable unit as compared to a platoon of more generic machines.

The GN-GM however was given life in the GBN during the Break Decal and Mass-Diver outbreak. The immense strain and pressure on the GBN's operating AI drove it to materialise designs not present in the published series, resulting in NPDs that were to cleanse the GBN of the Break Decal scourage, an anti-virus, if you will. 

Building on Aeolia Schenberg's will, the GBN created machines to change its world.


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