Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[Gallery] Premium Bandai Exceed Model Zaku Head Lighting & Sound Bust Set

The sound effect is just DOPE.
A step-up from the Exceed Model Zaku Head Gashapon kits that are still all the rage, the Lighting & Sound Bust Set gives you Char Aznable's Zaku II in a large but still easily collectible format. While retaining all of the Zaku Head's gimmicks and mechanisms, the Bust comes pre-assembled with minimal action from your end, a simple power cable connection from the backpack to the waist unit is all it takes to complete the construction.

Batteries are also included with the Bust to power the lighting and sound gimmicks, which are pretty sweet! A tracking mechanism controlled by a dial on the side of the Bust allows the monoeye to traverse from side to side, even with the monoeye on!


Watch with sound!

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