Sunday, June 17, 2018

[Kit Insight] Bandai MG 1/100 RGZ-95 ReZEL (Straight Build)

Model Number: RGZ-95 Refined Zeta Leader "ReZEL"
Designation: EFSF Mass Production Transformable Mobile Suit

Mass production mobile suits hardly look this good.
A mass production mobile suit packed with the essence of advanced Federation technology, the ReZEL complemented the regular forces with its high performance and output. As a machine intended to provide surgical tactical precision in military operations, the ReZEL had far better hardware than contemporary Federation mass production mobile suits. Boasting advanced sensor systems, a streamlined waverider alternate mode for high speeding cruising as well as a huge arsenal of weaponry, the ReZEL was well suited for its designation as a supplementary attack force.

The ReZEL's primary weapon is a long beam rifle with adjustable output and replaceable e-caps. The weapon was able to be tuned to fire a damaging concentrated beam or several weaker shots in consecutive succession. The beam rifle was able to defeat the armour of most mobile suits, even those treated with anti-beam coating which was by now standard issue on the machines on both sides. The beam rifle was also able to generate a large beam saber from the muzzle, giving the ReZEL pilot more tactical options for melee combat.

The ReZEL had built-in weaponry including head vulcans and a pair of grenade launchers mounted in the left forearm. The right forearm held a pair of small beam sabers, their position allowing for quick deployment. The ReZEL's shield contained a beam cannon that was able to rapid-fire beam shots to surpress enemy forces. The shield also held two extra magazines for the long beam rifle.

To aid in deployment and withdrawing, the ReZEL could quickly transform into a blocky waverider mode, essentially a flying tank. A simplified version of the Methuss' waverider mode, the ReZEL was able to traverse vast distances swiftly in this mode, sometimes making use of the waverider's speed and agility to strafe enemy forces. It is worthwhile to note that the MG 1/100 ReZEL achieves its transformation without any parts-forming or parts-replacement, although the process is not as intuitive as the manual leads you to believe.

The ReZEL possessed far more performance and output as compared to regular mass produced mobile suits. The features built into the mobile suit are intended for the ReZEL to remain in operation for protracted periods of time, holding back enemy forces with its myriad weapons before being reinforced by another ReZEL team to hold the fort.


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