Sunday, June 10, 2018

[Kit Insight] Bandai Mobile Suit Gundam GFrame 02: 06A/F RX-78-6 Gundam [Mudrock]

The closest we will ever come to a Mudrock model kit (for now)!

The GFrame series of collectible figurines is something different from what we're used to. Comprising two separate sets to truly complete the figure, the Frame set contains an extremely articulated inner frame and the figure's weapons while the Armor set contains the mobile suit's components and a static inner frame with limited mobility. You'll need to get both sets in order to create the full RX-78-6 Gundam Mudrock!

The articulated inner frame deserves some attention. Made with hardy plastic, the joints are extremely dextrous and the frame is able to pull off any pose you can think of. The pre-painted colour separation on the armour components are quite intense, putting older HG 1/144 scale model kits to shame.

Once complete, Mudrock looks amazing! The armour pieces bolt on with little trouble but some pieces don't have snug fitting. A little cement would solve this issue. Additionally, the whole frame with the armour components on result in a slightly rickety end product, although it is no deal-breaker.

The GFrame Gundam Mudrock looks great out-of-the-box, with decent mechanical detail and embellishments even for such a small figure. Slapping on some leftover stickers from HG 1/144 Gunpla model kits serve to bring out the mechanical ferocity of the Mudrock even more!

Even with the armour components installed, the inner frame is still able to execute dynamic poses. The Mudrock's beam rifle is nicely sized and fits the mobile suit's overall look and feel. When we're talking about the Mudrock, we have to mention the back-mounted cannons! The inner frame allows for very natural cannon-firing poses, even arm-assisted ones. The G-Frame Gundam Mudrock is able to do a beautiful kneeling pose, looking absolutely flawless!

Gundam Mudrock in GFrame form looks similar to the FW SD Gundam Neo Mudrock, a Real Mode of the smaller Gundam, if you will. The Mudrock bust figure is included with the Frame set.

Larger than Gashapon and FW Converge figures, the GFrame Mudrock is shorter and smaller than HG 1/144 scale Gunpla model kits. This gives me hope that we will one day see a proper model kit of the Mudrock!


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