Sunday, December 16, 2018

[Accessory Analysis] SH Studio U.C. Arms Phalanx A1 Pulse Machine Gun (Garage Kit)

Pretty nice weapon garage kit for the price point!
Approximately 1/144 in scale, the Phalanx comes in a military-type colour scheme and generous part separation, although excessive flashing and some molding issues mar an otherwise straightforward build. Some glue or cement is also needed to complete the weapon, which actually looks pretty dang decent for the fairly affordable price point.

The SH Studio A1 Phalanx Pulse Machine Gun is definitely a good-looking weapon, matching well with UC-era mobile suits. The design of the grip and the shoulder stock makes for awkward handling, although a more flexible wrist unit will be able to circumvent this issue. The weapon is also light enough to be hoisted one-handed with little difficulty.

The Phalanx is suitable for use with larger-sized HG 1/144 mobile suits, 1/12 humanoid figures and also Frame Arms Girls.


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