Sunday, March 31, 2019

[Accessory Analysis] Bandai MG 1/100 G.H.L-M.A.D Gun (Gundam Hobby Life Issue 014 Supplement) - Painted Build

Going M.A.D!

A rare MG 1/100 scale weapon that comes bundled with a hobby magazine, the G.H.L-M.A.D Gun (shortened henceforth to G-M Gun for ease of reference) comes simply enough on a single black runner. I painted up my set and also put on a third party metal barrel intended for the MG 1/100 Hyaku-Shiki's beam rifle as the stock G-M Gun has a very odd, cut-off barrel.

Relatively simple construction for a MG-styled kit, the G-M Gun comes with a number of accessories but those are mostly for mounting the weapon onto MG 1/100 model kits like the Polypod Ball.

Size-wise, the G-M Gun is about the same length as a hyper bazooka in its most basic form but is definitely larger than most weaponry. This increased mass however, makes posing the weapon a little challenging.

Best used with Sniper-type mobile suits (or any unit that can use a badass gun), the G-M Gun somehow suits the aesthetic of most mobile suits. Although the weapon itself is not very heavy, the length causes considerable challenge to the master wrist of the model kit, necessitating support from the other arm. While the G-M Gun is intended for use with the AGE-type hands that are found in modern GM-type model kits, I feel that the old-school movable types (not the PG-types) work better to give a more realistic and natural shooting posture.
Broadly, the G-M Gun has two modes: a standard mode and a mega launcher mode. In standard mode, the extended barrel of the mega launcher is stored underneath the barrel, resulting in a look that resembles a heavy beam rifle.

Best wielded two handed, the weapon is quite a wonder to behold once you get the posing out of the way. Here, you can see that the fingers on the supporting arm curl up and grab the underside of the weapon very naturally, as compared to the AGE-type hands that kinda just let the weapon sit on the palms.

In mega launcher mode, the squarish extended barrel plugs into the stock barrel of the G-M Gun (the metal barrel I added will have to be removed, essentially parts-form). The fins on the sides of the weapon can be flipped out as well, giving the impression that the weapon is going full power. While this mode is undeniably impressive, it alters the balance of the G-M Gun and might cause some problems when posing, but these are easily mitigated with some patience.

The G.H.L-M.A.D Gun is undoubtedly one of the better-styled hobby magazine supplements released, being stylish, versatile and easy to construct. But the high price tag of the hobby magazine itself may discourage builders from getting a set.


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