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[Kit Insight] Bandai SD Sangoku Soketsuden Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam (Painted Build)

Revisiting the Warring States!
As Bandai's latest line of SD model kits, the Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam's six runners come in a thick box, definitely taller than standard SD model kits. The sticker sheet is also satisfyingly small, unprecedented for SDs! 

An interesting thing to note: the SD Sangoku Soketsuden Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam is apparently made in China instead of Japan as with all Gunpla, but Bandai made sure to include the "Bandai Hobby Centre Quality" statement to give you that added reassurance. 

SDs have come a long way over the years, with their latest SDCS iteration being the most technologically advanced thus far. Therefore, when news of this new line of SDs broke, people were understandly intrigued and curious. Another SD line already?! The new updated Sangoku series will have its own manga (April release) as well as anime series (July premiere). In the meantime, these affordable SD kits can tide you through.

Right off the bat, the new SD Sangoku Soketsuden line is a leg up over traditional and modern SDs simply because it uses very little stickers as compared to the sticker hell that is the SDBD RX-Zeromaru. In fact, the Guan Yu comes with a tiny sheet of SIX stickers which serve to accentuate the kit than ruin its look.

A wealth of parts provide fantastic parts and colour separation, with the gold going nicely with the clear green which in turn complements the whole look of the Guan Yu. Ostensibly channeling the Psycho-Frame version of the Nu Gundam, the clear green parts do need a little more work to bring out the finer details.

While the colour separation on this is great out of the box, I decided to add on a little more colour to the kit:

  1. Nippon Pylox Pearl White
  2. Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  3. Nippon Pylox Haier Grey
  4. Nippon Pylox Black
  5. Red Fox Flat Black
  6. Bosny Sparkle Gold
  7. Bosny Gold
  8. CT7 Gold
  9. Mr. DIY Sparkling Black
  10. Mr. DIY Grey

The SD Sangoku Soketsuden does not make use of the SDCS Cross Silhouette frame (although it can be modified to), relying on an updated version of the traditional SD build methodology. This means no elbow bend (fixed at a 45 degree angle) and a very slight knee bend which is next to useless as the legs are too short while the side skirts are too large.

While not impossible, dynamic posing might be a little challenging as the hands do pop out of their sockets quite often, especially when posing the weapon with both hands. Guan Yu's beard also gets in the way of a full rotation, preventing the kit from looking completely to the sides.

Evidently, the SD Sangoku Soketsuden occupies a niche somewhere in between SDCS and conventional SDs. SDCS kits are also somewhat larger, perhaps owing to the stance they can pull off thanks to the CS Frame. But I have to say, the Guan Yu has its own rustic charm, like a modernised period drama mascot.

From left: SDCS Crossbone Gundam X1, SD Sangoku Soketsuden Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam, SD Aegis Gundam (Deactive Mode)
In all, the Guan Yu Yun Chang Nu Gundam isn't a bad kit, in fact, it's pretty darn fun and worthwhile for the low price tag (~$10). The weapons and equipment can combine with the rest of its brethren, promising endless combinations and kitbashing potential.


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