Monday, May 20, 2019

[GALLERY] Sculpt Labs "Metal Build" Perisoreus Internigrans (Vanishing Trooper MK-II Mass Production Type)

A third party rendition of a Super Robot Wars mecha that just looks and feels phenomenal. 
As a homage piece to the Huckebein Mk-II from Super Robot Wars, the Perisoreus Internigrans is a marvel of third party engineering and manufacturing. If you slapped on the logo from a prominent, world-renowned brand, I wouldn't have know the difference.

Featuring an absolutely delicious Titans-esque dark blue colour scheme,the Perisoreus Internigrans checks many of my boxes: a bulky profile, the GM-ish head unit, the blocky proportions as well as colour separation. 

The Perisoreus Internigrans in its basic package features the Mass Production Type. A separate add-on that's usually sold with the main unit allows you to create the regular "Gundam-type" Perisoreus Internigrans, complete with the Black Hole cannon. The Mass Production Type alone is already a lot of fun.

Bundled with a host of accessories, you get the nicely-sculpted Photon Rifle, two beam sabers with four beam saber effect parts (2 of each type), a chakra effect part, bendy wire for the chakra caster as well as its backpack and some adapter pieces for the included drawer-equipped stand. For a price tag that's less than half of a Metal Build Gundam, this right here is bang for your buck!

For a prefabricated, prefinished product, the stability and articulation is off the charts. It is sturdy enough to handle most dynamic poses, although the Photon Rifle tends to sag in the trigger hand from time to time. The hands themselves are easy to remove and swap around, though some hand parts tend to be tighter than others.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the Perisoreus Internigrans is one of the best third party Metal Builds out there!


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