Wednesday, June 26, 2019

[Kit Insight] Bandai SDCS RGM-79 GM [Early Type] (Customised Build)

A classic design in an updated super deformed package!
Formed using the SDCS RX-78-2 with the CS Frame and the Silhouette Booster, the SDCS GM is a decent rendition of the classic mass produced EFSF grunt unit in a modernised super deformed package.

The Silhouette Booster contains the essentials to complete the SDCS GM and these comprise the shiny green foil stickers for the sensors in the head unit (the GM's head is found in the CS Frame set), the GM's chest unit, waist unit, different hand types as well as the beam spray gun.

The SDCS RX-78-2's beam rifle works nicely with the GM but the weapon itself is a tad too long, even for the lengthened limbs accorded by the parts in the Silhouette Booster. It still looks great, nonetheless.

The Silhouette Booster comes with a dedicated beam saber slash hand that snuggly fits the ignited beam saber from the SDCS RX-78-2 set. The articulation granted by the CS Frame allows the GM to pull off dynamic beam saber poses, working nicely with the expressive open hands to illustrate mobile suit attacks.

One thing that is lacking on the SDCS GM is its hyper bazooka, a component that is strangely not included in either the SDCS RX-78-2 set or the Silhouette Booster set. I commandeered a Suntoys SDMG RX-78-02 hyper bazooka for the SDCS GM. Although the weapon is a tad too large for the SDCS GM, it still looks pretty rad.

As with SDCS model kits, the SDCS GM stands just a little shorter than the SDCS Crossbone Gundam X1. You can put the amazingly-separated SDCS RX-78-2 head onto the SDCS GM body but it will look a tad odd.

Colours-wise, the following were used to evoke that classic GM look and feel:
  1. Nippon Pylox Mars Red
  2. Nippon Pylox Grey
  3. Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  4. Nippon Pylox Haier Grey
  5. Nippon Pylox Matte White
  6. Red Fox Flat Black
  7. Mr DIY Sparkling Black
  8. Bosny Metallic Silver
  9. Tamiya Gun Metal
  10. Tamiya Clear Red

The part separation makes painting very easy, making SDCS kits one of the best casual kits to work with.


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