Monday, July 8, 2019

[Kit Insight] Bandai SD Sangoku Soketsuden Trinity Bike (Painted Build)

"Come with me if you want to live!" - Cao Cao Wing Gundam (probably)
Not really Terminator bikes but the SD Sangoku Soketsuden Trinity Bike model kits are not just for show, they actually look pretty dang good with the Sangoku kits despite all their jazz, bulk and fancy clear parts! The only small disappointment is that the portions on the bike that showcase faction alignment are achieved with foil stickers (four sets to represent the four different factions) instead of clear parts. While most stickers are easy to apply, the biggest one on the "head" of the bike has multiple narrow edges that need to be folded down, resulting in one big mess.

The build is extremely simple but the challenge lies in getting the SD Sangoku Soketsuden model kits, such as the Cao Cao Wing Gundam, onto the bike. You'll need to position the model kit such that a square peg on its hip joint (which is horridly loose) and a backpack mount (also loose-fitting) is connected simultaneously, which can be frustratingly tricky. Once done, your SD Sangoku Soketsuden will have its own stylish ride! 

The SD Sangoku Soketsuden Trinity Bike has plenty of standard 3mm ports to take all sorts of armour, weaponry and equipment but it also has two slots up front dedicated to storing long, pointy things.

A cool thing on the Trinity Bike is the ability to insert a Memory into a slot just above the "console", acting as an ignition key of sorts.

If you can, get a bike for each of your SD Sangoku Soketsuden model kits! 


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