Sunday, July 14, 2019

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 eEXM-17/S Alto [Long Range Combat Configuration] - Customised Build

Model Number: eEXM-17/S
Designation: Allied Earth Forces Limited Production 3rd Generation Long Range Combat Use EXAMAC System

Not a discount Dynames but in fact, so much more.
The Alto Combat Frame was envisioned by the military to be an all-purpose, highly versatile machine that could be customised to tackle any and all mission types. By concentrating resources and the industrial-military complex to mass produce a single unit type, the resultant machines could be created at a much higher frequency and in greater quantities, while at the same time freeing up funding to be spent on other complementary military applications.

The initial roll-out batch of Alto machines featured three main configurations as designated by military top brass: Basic Combat, Close Combat and Long Range Combat.

Altos with the Long Range Combat Configuration (referred to colloquially as Long Range Altos) were typically assigned to veteran pilots who had earned their wings by completing a set number of combat tours and/ or achieving a certain number of enemy target kills, whichever came first. Painted in a tactical, radar-retardant colour scheme, the defining characteristic of this Configuration was the singular hi-powered monocular sensor mounted in lieu of the traditional compound optical system, which gave the Alto a somewhat terrifying moneyed visage.

Deployed in support of Close Combat Alto units, the Long Range Altos were armed with a slew of powerful weaponry to fulfill their tactical objectives. While the actual load-out differed from pilot to pilot, Long Range Altos usually sortied with a pair of head-mounted point-defense vulcan cannons, a high-powered beam sniper rifle, a standard-issue submachine gun as well as a nano-titanium hatchet for ultra close combat. It also mounted a shield on the left shoulder.

Taking up position far behind the friendly vanguard formation, Long Range Altos picked off the enemy rank-and-file machines for the advancing Close Combat Alto forces, creating situations for the Close Combat Altos to directly engage enemy high-value targets. Of course, the enemy forces also had access to long range weaponry, necessitating Long Range Altos to constantly shift firing positions to avoid getting shot.

The beam sniper rifle was easily the most powerful weapon in the Long Range Alto's arsenal. The rifle-mounted scope 
directly interfaced with the main sensor in the head, taking into consideration thousands of environmental variables before calculating the best firing solution in seconds. Each shot was fired with precise accuracy, ensuring a kill if the enemy unit was largely within range. 

While fairly irregular and seldom, Long Range Altos had found themselves in situations whereby they were forced to engage in ultra close combat with enemy forces. Although the Long Range Alto's systems were optimised for long distance combat for its role, it was still a formidable close-combat combatant thanks to the built-in capabilities of the base Alto frame. With the nano-titanium hatchet, the Long Range Alto was able to make short work of enemy grunts and mechanical support craft, but retreating was usually a better option when fiercer opposition was encountered.

The Long Range Altos were highly effective weapons of war, able to single-handedly drive back platoons of enemy grunts, support craft and the occasional commander-type. Intercepted enemy intelligence suggested that the Long Range Altos had somewhat of a boogeyman reputation in the enemy ranks, with the pulsing of the singular green sensor enough to send inexperienced troops into full retreat.


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