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[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBD 1/144 AGE-IIMG-SV Gundam AGE-II Magnum SV (Coronation Ver.) - Customised Build

Model Number: AGE-IIMG-SV
Designation: Kyoya Kujo's Custom Gunpla in Special Event Colours

"A coronation? This is just bad comedy."
The Gundam AGE-II Magnum SV is one of the most powerful machines in the Gundam Build Nexus (GBN), being able to singlehandedly hold off the entire opposing force during the final battle of the Gundam Build Divers series.

After the climatic battle, Kyoya Kujo put the Gunpla to more benevolent purposes, using it as a mascot of sorts to raise funds and credits for all manner of functions and events. During one such event - a crossover with a major American manufacturer - Kyoya was to alter the colour scheme of the SV to participate in a demonstrative mock battle with another Force.

While the opposing Force machines all sported bright primary colours, Kyoya Kujo's Avalon comrades were given duller, darker palettes (which suited most of them anyway). Looking through the catalogue of approved colour schemes provided by the American firm, Kyoya Kujo happened to come across a unique, classic design, one that made all the American fanboys scream.

Build Notes
Done up in Generation 1 Starscream colours, specifically his look during the memorable coronation sequence in the 1986 Transformers Movie, the AGE-II Magnum SV is a good base as it is a flight type, transforms into Phoenix Mode and the model kit is wonderfully part-separated. This allowed me to go nuts with the colour separation, as evidenced below:

  1. Tamiya Gun Metal
  2. Tamiya Semi-Gloss Bright Gun Metal
  3. Tamiya Clear Red
  4. Tamiya Italian Red
  5. Nippon Pylox Mars Red
  6. Nippon Pylox Deep Violet
  7. Nippon Pylox Light Blue
  8. Nippon Pylox Deep Blue
  9. Nippon Pylox Grey
  10. Nippon Pylox Medium Grey
  11. Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  12. Nippon Pylox Haier Grey
  13. Nippon Pylox Naval Grey
  14. Mr. DIY Grey
  15. Mr. DIY Sparkling Black
  16. CT7 Gold
  17. Bosny Sparkling Gold
  18. Bosny Gold
  19. Bosny Aluminium Silver
  20. Red Fox Bright Silver
  21. Red Fox Flat Black
  22. Red Wheel Matte Black
  23. Red Wheel Silver Grey
I also found a pair of Decepticon iconography from ToyHax Reprolabels to affix onto the Magnum's shoulders!

The design and execution of the Magnum is testament to Bandai's excellent engineering for a mere High Grade model kit, enabling the Magnum to strike dynamic action poses (action base-assisted due to the nature of its legs).

Despite how fully-loaded the Magnum looks with all its bells and whistles, the design of the joints still allow it almost unrestricted freedom of movement. Of course, the F-Funnels (and to a certain extent the Sigmaxis Funnels) will get in the way when posing. Therefore, I'd recommend removing the F-Funnels, getting the Magnum into the pose you want before replacing the F-Funnels to their shoulder holsters. It will also definitely minimise chances of your paint chipping.

The Magnum can also pull off a pretty decent "fire everything" pose with the Hyper DODS Rifle, beam vulcans and Sigmaxis Funnels arrayed, but it would look immensely better with a ring effect part to hold the F-Funnels in attack position. 
Also, don't you think the Magnum's hip-mounted beam vulcans look like Starscream's Null Rays?

However, the pièce de résistance is really the Phoenix Mode (or Seeker mode in Transformers parlance) of the AGE-II Magnum, its high speed low drag heavy interception form. Bristling with weapons, armour and equipment, Phoenix Mode essentially transforms the high-performance all-range combat Magnum into an armoured flying tank. I deliberately angled the F-Funnels' blades to face forward rather than being arrayed out as "wings" to maintain a compact, aerodynamic and armoured form factor seen in many Cybertron-based Transformer designs. The end result actually looks really Cybertronian. 

The Magnum has one of the most seamless transformation processes ever for transformable Gunpla. While the instructions require you to remove the limbs to facilitate its transition to Phoenix Mode, you can actually do the transformation with all parts attached, although this will drastically increase the chances of damaged parts, chipped paint or both.

The instructions also require you to parts-form the waist joint with a "pre-transformed" part that permanently widens the (thigh) gap between both legs. However, the existing MS waist joint can also be used in Phoenix Mode, effectively making the Magnum a full transformer whose form can be altered without the need to parts-form. As far as these shapeshifters go, the Magnum is the pinnacle of transformable Gunpla (for now).

Beside the classic Starscream, the Magnum looks to be a version of the iconic Decepticon that has been heavily modified, upgraded and ultra-powered. Indeed, the Magnum in Phoenix Mode wouldn't look out of place on Cybertron, zipping around terrorising and taking out hapless Autobots.


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