Sunday, October 6, 2019

[Kit Insight] Bandai Petitrits Fate Grand Order 02 Caster/ Nero Claudius (Light Build)

Gurl is packin' some serious heat!
Like its predecessor, the Caster version of Nero Claudius is a cute, petite package that is pleasantly loaded with a whole bunch of stuff.

The Petitrits version of Caster/ Nero Claudius is a pretty interesting build. It essentially is a SD Figure-Rise Standard humanoid girl with huge floating cannons.

She doesn't have much in the form of armour, with her red bikini requiring a heavy amount of colour correcting stickers, but the bulk of the model kit is in the pair of magical cannons suspended in the air via clear display rods. Coming only in one shade of gold, I used five different hues of gold to differentiate the various parts of the cannons and add visual volume.

While the white sections on Nero Claudius' bikini require stickers to achieve colour-separation, the entire backstrap and her sandals use larger pieces of RG-style stickers. Although they are nowhere as clean as actual painting, the stickers do work rather decently.

As with Mash, the method used to hold Nero Claudius in place on her stand is restrictive to posing, but unlike Mash, Nero Claudius cannot be too far away from her base-mounted cannons. Her cannons also get in the way of her huge sword, so care would have to be taken when posing Nero Claudius with everything on. Nevertheless, she can still pull off a fantastic "Fire Broadside!" pose. 

I hope Bandai makes Petitrits model kits of the Artoria Pendragon Servants!



  1. Personally i think Nero is the best out of the first batch with her potential once a proper paint job is given. Artoria Pendragon should make it eventually once the Petitrise lineup gain its momentum

  2. Nero is amazing. I love her and she is super cheap.