Thursday, April 30, 2020

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7/J5 Jupitive Gundam (FX Colours)

Model Number: PFF-X7/J5
Designation: Hiroto's Customised High Mobility Gunpla for Space Combat

#CircuitBreakerBacklogChallenge Build #8 - Core Gundams are really a great addition to the HG 1/144 line, being so much fun to build and customise. 

Although this Planet System is one of Hiroto's coolest in terms of equipment loadout and visage, the stock all-white colour scheme was rather bland and basic. I opted to give the Jupitive a recolour to better reflect its high-mobility, space-use intended function, and the Age-FX Colour scheme works really well.

Fictional Lore
Rather than using his Veetwo, this version of the Jupitive was fielded by Hiroto during a Gundam AGE anniversary event in the GBN, pitting Divers against procedurally-generated NPDs in a special Field based on the Vagan homework of Second Moon. 

Fully aware that he will largely be going against massive numbers of cannon fodder units rather than high performance ace machines, Hiroto loaded the Jupitive with as many ranged weapons as he could cram onto the frame while also debuting his brand new beam gatling attachment for the Core Spray Gun. He also equipped the Jupitive with a beam submachine gun as a short-range tactical option since Vagan-based NPDs were notorious for their close-in combat tactics.

Hiroto started off the special event easily enough, taking out a squadron of overzealous NPD Ovm-e Dorado units. The beam gatling attachment worked immensely well, gutting enemy machines with only a small smattering of light beam ordnance. The high rate of fire helped to also keep enemy units at bay, allowing friendly machines to out-manuveur and flank enemy targets.

While the Jupitive was built as a space-use machine, it is still perfectly capable of terrestrial combat. Landing on the battered surface of Second Moon, Hiroto scoured the cavernous hangar bays of the Vagan stronghold in search of hidden items, all the while fending off enemy NPDs.

The special event was going well for the Divers faction until about two-thirds into the event time. Friendly Divers were being taken out by the dozens in short periods of time by an unseen enemy, eradicating custom Gunpla in a matter of seconds.

Hiroto swept into action and put the Jupitive on an intercept course with the enemy machine and was surprised to see an onyx-coloured ace machine that was only rumoured to exist. The green visor on the enemy machine ominously pulsed once before the alien-Gundam hybrid machine rushed towards the Jupitive with unbelievable speed.


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