Tuesday, May 12, 2020

[CUSTOM] Premium Bandai HG00 1/144 GNX-803T GN-X IV (A-Laws Remnants)

Model Number: GNX-803T
Designation: A-Laws Limited Mass Production General Purpose Mobile Suit

#CircuitBreakerBacklogChallenge Build #13 - revisiting the 00 Gundam universe!

A version of the Earth Sphere Federation's 4th generation mass production general purpose mobile suit commandeered by remnants of the A-Laws autonomous peacekeeping force, the GN-X IV is essentially the same machine used by the Federation sans a different colour scheme and a very specific loadout for all A-Laws units. Originally intended for armed incursions into Federation controlled territories, the A-Laws instead fielded all of its GN-X IV units in response to the ELS threat.

Acquired during daring raids into Federation armouries and mobile suit storage facilities thanks to A-Laws pilots being battle-hardened veterans used to brutally terminating adversaries, the GN-X IV units used by the A-Laws Remnants were equipped with the GN Beam Rifle (with Long Rifle attachment), GN Shield, GN Buster Sword, GN Beam Sabers and the NGN Bazooka when more firepower was needed.

The GN Beam Rifle was a versatile piece of equipment favoured by all A-Laws pilots, with the high-firing rate of the short barrel working extremely well against mobile suits while the long barrel presented greater output for anti-ship or anti-fortress combat. This allowed the GN-X IV a variety of tactical options to address combat situations.

The GN-X IV had no shortage of close range combat equipment. Apart from the GN Claws used as a last-resort measure, the GN Buster Sword occupied a special place in the hearts of many pilots. The massive size of the weapon meant that large swathes of enemy targets can be wiped out with a single stroke, a feat reproduced during the battle against the ELS where A-Laws pilots took out dozens of smaller ELS units with just the Buster Sword. The GN Beam Sabers on the GN-X IV were useful in warding off enemy units that came too close, the concentrated GN particles easily burning through human and alien armour alike.

A-Laws pilots particularly favoured the NGN Bazookas for their sheer lethality and ferocity. Sometimes dual-wielding these weapons into combat, A-Laws machines saturated enemy positions with salvos of missiles before assaulting the "softened up" enemy forces with the rest of its weaponry.

During the final battle against the ELS, the A-Laws Remnants put the betterment of the planet before their own ambitions and worked alongside their Federation adversaries to stem the tide of ELS units while the trailblazer awakened.


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