Tuesday, May 12, 2020

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGUC 1/144 MS-18J Kämpfer Mass Production Type [Jungle Warfare Specification]

Model Number: MS-18J
Designation: Principality of Zeon Mass Production Heavy Assault Mobile Suit

#CircuitBreakerBacklogChallenge Build #14 - a refined design of a unique Zeonic design.

A production model of the spec-ops use MS-18E Kämpfer, the J-Type inherits most of its predecessor's features but sports thicker armour and an additional spiked shoulder for fully ambidextrous no-range fights. Intended for fast and heavy combat in Earth's lush jungles and forests, the J-Type Kämpfer sported a corresponding colour scheme but a different monoeye sensor that glows green, specially attuned to jungle warfare.

Mass Production Kämpfer units went into battle with devastating 300mm miniguns designed to lay down thick fields of shredding firepower over a large area. Squads of Kämpfer units took turns to alternate minigun barrages to keep enemy units at bay while the rest of the squad engaged with the mobile suit's other weapons. Minigun attacks were sometimes supplemented with panzerfaust strikes for that extra punch, although panzerfaust warheads were notoriously inaccurate.

For thicker hardened targets, Mass Production Kämpfer units relied on the twin 360mm Giant Bazzoka II heavy weapons, stored on purpose-built racks on the backpack. The bazookas could be triggered to fire from the racks themselves but tracking and elevation were fairly limited. The sensor units mounted on the sides of the bazookas interfaced seamlessly with the mobile suit's monoeye to provide highly accurate firing solutions.

The Kämpfer design was sturdy enough to wield both bazookas akimbo, laying down devastating firepower to enemy ranks. The high mobility of the Kämpfer also meant that the mobile suit could escape to a new firing position before enemy defenders could mount a proper counterattack.

Thanks to improvements in Minovsky reactor technology accelerated by wartime requirements, the Mass Production Kämpfer was able to properly wield beam weaponry, which had increasingly become standard issue equipment on mobile suits. The Kämpfer was equipped with a variant of the MS-14 Gelgoog's beam rifle, its targeting scope tuned to filter out ambient particle interference specific to terran jungles. The beam rifle placed the Principality of Zeon on even footing with the Federation, whose beam weapons have utterly decimated Zeon forces. No longer will the peasant be able to kill the knight with a crossbow.

The Mass Production Kämpfer retained the beam saber of the E-Type, although its beam saber loadout was halved to only a single weapon. The output of the beam saber was also altered to emit a narrower, longer but more focused beam blade that was useful in slicing apart foliage and GM armour alike.

As high speed, high damage combatants, Mass Production Kämpfer units charged into battle fully armed and ready to crush any and all adversaries of the Principality. In the hands of veterans and aces, the Kämpfer proved to be a formidable machine that completely overpowered Federation mass production and limited production mobile suits.