Sunday, May 31, 2020

[Kit Insight] Bandai GFrame 09 RGM-79 GM (27A Armor & 27F Frame)

Bandai continues to tease us with cool-looking mobile suit reimaginations with the GFrame line of pre-built collectibles!
For the uninitiated, GFrame is basically a line of desktop collectible model kits with extra steps: the movable frame and weapons usually contained in a separate set from the armour parts (which also means double the price). Putting the figurine together is easy enough but some parts can use a drop or two of hobby cement to secure the armour.

 The GFrame RGM-79 GM features a refined, unique design for the classic EFSF grunt machine, featuring more details on its layered armour, an awesome take on the regular waist armour design as well as a generally less "mass production" feel to the GM. I added a few leftover stickers from HG 1/144 GM model kits to enhance its look while also did a little panel lining. 

The movable frame bundled with the GM is different from the one found in the GFrame Mudrock and has fewer ball joints that result in a far sturdier overall frame. The Mudrock's movable frame got floppy real quick and was just an absolute ass to handle, forcing me to use the static frame to display the Mudrock instead. While it remains to be seen if the GM's frame will suffer the same fate, it really does feel a lot more stable and sturdy.

In terms of size, GFrame units are meant for casual collectors and are thus significantly smaller than HG 1/144 scale model kits.

The GFrame 27F Movable Frame and Weapon Set for the G-Frame RGM-79 GM (27A) completes the unit by providing all of its armament. Simply getting the Armour set (27A) will result in an unarmed GM. The 27F set contains the GM's classic beam spray gun, a RX-78-2 beam rifle, an unpainted beam saber that doesn't even have the same hilt as the non-removable one in the GM's backpack as well as a very nicely designed standard shield and mounting joint.

The superb articulation granted by the movable frame allows for the striking of dynamic and stylish poses that some Master Grades can only dream of, and parts don't fall off the G-Frame while handling it at all.

Essentially using the same base skeleton, GFrame units can easily share their equipment with one another. The GFrame Mudrock's backpack fits snugly on the G-Frame RGM-79 GM without the need for any additional modification, giving it an extra boost in firepower. This also means that the GM can wield the GFrame Sisquiede's gigantic i-Field Launcher, if it so wishes.


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