Tuesday, July 21, 2020

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7II/NU Core Nu Gundam - Customised Build (WIP)

Model Number: PFF-X7II/NU
Designation: Hiroto's Customised High-Performance Attack Use Mobile Suit

Oh how the tables have turned (again)!
The introduction of the Eldora Core Gundam undoubtedly shook Hiroto Kuga to the core (pun intended), seeing his most prized possession manifesting as an evil, warped version sowing widespread destruction and ruin. As compared to the PFF-X& Core Gundam, the Eldora Core Gundam was heads and shoulders its superior, boasting enhanced stats across almost every parameter save for Eldora Core's extremely limited arsenal of additional equipment and armour. This factor was what enabled Hiroto to claim victory, however Pyrrhic, having made use of the Core Gundam's Core Change ability to maximum effect.  

The Core Gundam II was a vast improvement over its predecessor and can be seen as a "grown up" version of the PFF-X7, putting forth a sharper visage, additional armour all over its frame and a taller form factor. In terms of the model kit, the pesky tiny chest fins of the first Core Gundam are replaced with a gorgeous clear part (which may or may not function as a "unibeam" style beam cannon). The static torso unit now has a slight ab-crunch and the thigh units are slightly lengthened with new armour and inner frame pieces. The beam saber hilts also look fiercer now, bearing an almost ornate design that is reminiscent of a fighter jet. Apart from these cosmetic changes, the Core Gundam II still very much embodies the essence of Hiroto's Gunpla and will have no problems using any of the already-released Planets System sets.

Gravely concerned over the close call he suffered at the hands of the Alus-controlled Eldora Earthree Gundam, Hiroto immediately went to work analysing the wreckage before it returned to the data sea. As he had expected, the Core Change system present in the Eldora Core was remarkably similar to the Core Gundam's, save for new lines of code put in by Alus to "summon" the armour pieces and weaponry to the base machine. Little did Alus know, Hiroto had previously incorporated a failsafe backdoor into his Core Change coding, ostensibly to prevent the Planets System from getting hijacked midway through the docking procedure. By activating the failsafe, Hiroto could access the foreign code and modify it directly, theoretically allowing the Core Gundam II to dock with any of the Eldora Armour Sets.

Hiroto, with the rest of the Build Divers, set out to test his modifications through a frontal assault on Alus' base on Eldora's moon. Freddie informed him that a new Eldora Armour Set was seen in operation, a suit that was able to lay down formidable all-range firepower. Sortieing in the Jupitive Armour, Hiroto lay in wait as the rest of the Build Divers engaged the One-Eyes armour, working to draw out the elusive Eldora Core Gundam acting as the defenders' commander. After several pitched battles and run-ins with heavy Eldora forces, the Eldora Core Gundam finally made its appearance and directly engaged the Jupitive with its beam blade. Easily parrying the blow, Hiroto let loose a flurry of beam gatling shots, which was deflected by his adversary with a graceful blade dance. It was at this time that the Eldora Core Gundam's raised right hand began to crackle with purple energy, signalling the summoning of an Armour Set. If Hiroto was lucky, he would get to see the new Armour Set that Freddie was talking about. Otherwise, the E3 Armour was also worth commandeering to reverse-engineer.

Instead of the blue armour pieces of the E3 set, a multitude of silver-grey and metallic black parts materialised over the horizon, swarming like angry hornets towards the Eldora Core Gundam. Hiroto was in luck: the Eldora Core Gundam activated the new armour set instead of the E3, which looks very much like a warped, evil version of the venerable RX-93 Nu Gundam, a fake Nu Gundam. 

Hiroto seized the opportunity and engaged his ace in the hole. The Core Gundam II purged the Jupitive Armour and leapt into the air, its body blazing with blue electricity. The various components of the Fake Nu Armour immediately altered their trajectory and rushed towards the Core Gundam II instead of the Eldora Core, which stared in disbelief as the parts attached to the enemy machine. Hiroto witnessed a huge surge in power as the armour pieces completed their docking procedure, pushing the Core Gundam II's output over the limit. Hiroto whistled as he quickly scanned through the Fake Nu Armour's specs, appreciating the immense thought that was put into its design. Perhaps if Alus was not a megalomaniac hellbent on genocide, they could have been friends. 

A three-beam burst from the Core-Nu Beam Rifle was sufficient to shatter the clear purple dome of the Eldora Core Gundam, a testament to the immense power of the Fake Nu Armour. But before the Build Divers could celebrate, a huge purple beam burned a path through the remaining Eldora defenders, utterly annihilating the gathered units. Tracing the beam back to its source, Hiroto spotted a familiar yet different visage tinged in an angry red, as though he was staring into a mirror that reflected the deepest, darkest desires of the human psyche.

The only issue was that this crimson red machine was piloted by a homicidal artificial intelligence with neither regard nor compassion for humanity, only invested in its utter and complete destruction.


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