Wednesday, October 7, 2020

[Kit Insight] Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Ace Force Butterfly - Painted Build

Something refreshing and different from Bandai!

A model kit offering that is familiar yet dissimilar at the same time, the Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Ace Force Butterfly comes in a relatively flat standard package but with a fully-painted faceplate for the model kit, something we don't see a lot in Bandai plastic model kits. On cursory glance, Butterfly follows the established framework for modern Figure-Rise Standard models, with well-separated parts in different colours and a variety of textural treatments.

For a relatively low price point (below S$30), The kit is a solid build with tight joints and decent part/ colour separation, although some parts need a little elbow grease to close up the seams. The Butterfly seems to be a model kit designed with playability in mind, much like Bandai's SHFiguarts established line of pre-finished figures. Upon completion, the joints of the model kit are nice and tight, allowing Butterfly to achieve dynamic in-flight poses with the bundled action base. The pre-painted face plate/ mask is very welcome, a feature you rarely find in Bandai model kits. The rest of the model kit is nicely part-separated, although the backpack mounted cannons can use a little more handpainting to further bring out the details.

Looking forward to seeing more from this particular line!


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