Sunday, January 17, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Digimon Adventure WarGreymon - Painted Build

A huge, chunky and beautifully designed blast from the past!The latest model kit iteration of the WarGreymon is essentially manifest nostalgia: I remember religiously waking up early on Sunday mornings to catch the latest episode of Digimon Adventure on terrestrial TV, young eyes glued to the screen as we bore silent witness to the trials and tribulations of Tai and gang. As there was no such thing as Wikipedia or plot summaries then, all of us little tykes collectively held our breath as Agumon first digivolved into Greymon, then into MetalGreymon (and also SkullGreymon) and what was one of the most pivotal moments in the show - WargGreymon, the first Mega Digivolution put on screen!

The first new kit of the Figure-Rise Standard Amplified line (the Omegamon was simply a rehash of the older Digimon Reboot model but with extra parts), the WarGreymon is a real looker. It is already quite pretty when snapfit out of the box, but a little paint will definitely enhance its look further. For this particular build, I used 3 golds, 3 silvers, 3 reds, 2 blacks and some gunmetal to give it the look of an armored hoplite.

Coming in at the height of a standard MG 1/100 model kit, the WarGreymon is very well part and colour-separated, save for tiny colour-correcting stickers on the Shield of Courage (which @salads.studios painted for me) and other minor areas. The build itself is extremely satisfying, with parts clicking and locking into place to result in a solid, hefty final product.

The Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Amplified WarGreymon took some liberties on the base design, incorporating more angular edges and mechanical detailing to the WarGreymon's berserker visage. This is most obvious in the Shield of Courage, which opens up to reveal clear purple wing-like units that further accentuate the techno-organic vibe of the digital monster.

The WargGreymon understandably suffers in the articulation department: its bulky, pokey armour and huge Dramon Killers hinder dynamic posing although it is still able to pull off a very convincing Gaia Force pose with an action base. The feet connections and joints should also be tightened to keep it grounded and also to give the WarGreymon greater stability in executing more demanding moves.

On a model kit full of flashy bits, the most ostentatious piece of equipment present on the WarGreymon is definitely the pair of Dramon Killers. These gigantic and fearsome claws mount securely onto dedicated sections on the arms and are able to rotate quite freely, although their bulky nature do take away some articulation.

Adding effect parts to the Dramon Killers give them a little more character, evoking power slashing imagery. I would have loved to see a little more poseability on the WarGreymon, but there is no denying how gorgeous the Figure-Rise Standard Amplified rendition of a childhood classic looks.


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