Friday, January 1, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7R/ANIMA Gundam Anima [Rize] - Customised Build

Model Number: PFF-X7R/ANIMA
Designation: Rize's Custom Mobile Suit

A Super Sentai twist to the versatile Core Gundam!
A variant of the PFF-X7 Core Gundam designed by Hiroto Kuga, the PFF-X7R/ANIMA Gundam Anima [Rize] was created by EL Diver Rize as its Gunpla body. Eschewing the Planets System pioneered by his predecessor, the Anima [Rize] adopted the motif of the natural world, incorporating animal-based iconography into its design and attacks. The resulting Gunpla thus evokes a ferocious, beastial visage, full of sharp edges and acute angles.

While the Anima [Rize] has a host of built-in weapon systems, it is perfectly able to wield third party armament, such as the massive ballistic halberd. Onlookers have remarked that the Anima [Rize] with the halberd bore more than a passing resemblance to an ancient legend, specifically the Monkey King.

While the Anima [Rize] is able to combat foes using a range of martial arts based move sets empowered by its animal motif (such as the Anima Rampage special attack), these moves can be difficult to execute and require substantial work to set them up before the pay off. This can be detrimental in fast-paced, high stakes battles where speed is key, necessitating the use of more conventional weaponry.

The Anima [Rize] has a fang-shaped beam rifle attachment that goes over the Core Spray Gun, turning the weapon into a long range powerhouse. A single blast was enough to reduce an Eldora Daughtress to slag, and a rapid-fire mode was useful for suppressing large groups of enemy units.

However, the most versatile piece of equipment on the Anima [Rize] is its oversized beam saber which can be modulated into a beam whip. The flexible nature of the whip allowed it to reach places the saber can never reach and could also serve as a tool to pull enemies towards the Anima [Rize].

Rize would use the beam whip to great effect, zipping across the Battlefield by swinging from objects, destroying Gunpla parts with well-placed hits as well as restraining high value targets. The beam whip would become closely associated with the Anima [Rize], so much so that Divers would instantly recognise the curved instrument when ignited.

Build Notes
The Anima [Rize] is an offshoot of the regular Core Gundam with the [Rize] version bearing a different v-fin, faceplate, backpack and colour scheme. Almost everything is congruent with Hiroto's Core Gundam, save for the fact that the Planets System is absent on the Core Gundam [Rize]. 

The model kit comes with a host of leftover parts diverted from previous releases, the chief offender being the almost complete set of Earthree Armor set in transparent plastic (Runner A). 


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