Tuesday, March 30, 2021

[NEWS] GundamBuildReal Live Action Series Episode 1


Gunpla Battle meets Ready Player One!

The premise of this brand new series is pretty straightforward: you scan a Gunpla and then control it in CGI battle using a VR headset and gauntlets (or a smartphone), with your entire body becoming the scanned Gunpla. The different parts of your anatomy direct the corresponding component of the virtual Gunpla - which is now life-sized thanks to VR-generating drones - and performance is reflected according to parameters such as build quality and damage.

Mechanics such as NT-D are also active in the live-action version of Gunpla Battle, as are iconic moves like Char's kick. Weapons are used the standard way here, although the protagonist used a customised version of the RX-78-2's Hyper Bazooka as a club. 

This series looks fun to watch, looking forward to the various customised Real Grade Gunpla that is set to appear in subsequent episodes!

The full episode can be watched on YouTube Japan: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mysfsY7Wfw0 


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