Tuesday, March 30, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGUC 1/144 RGM-79FP/d GM Defender [Federal Police Model] - Customised Build

Model Number: RGM-79FP/d
Designation: EFSF Federal Police Force Limited Mass Production Mobile Suit for Defense Operations

The (somewhat) unmovable wall of justice!An up-armoured version of the GM Command equipped with high mobility capabilities, the GM Defender was first devised by EFSF Federal Police units operating on fringe colonies to tackle the threat of heavy insurgent weaponry and mobile suits. The ceramic-composite Chobham-style reactive armour plating layered all over the mobile suit gave the GM Defender extreme defensive capabilities, with the extra mass offset by strategically-placed verniers and thrusters.

The GM Defender was typically kept in reserve and only deployed when the regular Federal Police GM Command units were unable to deal with the threat, usually mobile suits with thicker armour and greater endurance. The main EFSF unit saw the potential of the GM Defender and diverted one of its production lines to create the GM Striker, one of which was deployed in an unsuccessful attempt to deal with a pair of particularly troublesome Zaku II units on Earth.

The GM Defender was meant to be a "bullet sponge" to soak up and draw away enemy fire from friendly units executing flanking maneuvers. As such, it was lightly armed with only a 90mm PDW and a Type-79 Heavy Spiked Shield to further enhance its defensive abilities.

The hollow-point rounds fired by the PDW were generally sufficient to punch through mass production mobile suit armour, with well-placed shots capable of disabling whole units if the joints or sensors were hit. GM Defender pilots were also trained to use their shields offensively, leveraging the mobile suit's high mobility to generate sufficient kinetic momentum for the heavy spiked shield to rip into enemy armour or even tear off entire mobile suit limbs.

The GM Defender didn't see as much action as its fellow Federal Police Model brethren, but when it was eventually called into action, it usually meant that push had turned into shove.

A sole GM Defender was deployed into battle against a Neo Zeon incursion after the initial response force of 3 GM Commands with one Bulldog fire support platform was allegedly decimated by a single mobile suit. The pilot of the lone GM Defender, fully aware of the drastic difference in performance between his machine and the monstrous Zeonic unit standing amidst the charred carcasses of his Police comrades, nevertheless valiantly charged ahead in a futile attempt to stem the attack. All he had to do was to hold back the enemy unit until the EFSF sent in higher-performance mobile suits to combat the threat.

But in the harsh, unforgiving world of the Federation's fringe colonies, that was the exception rather than the rule.


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