Tuesday, May 4, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7II-G3 Core Gundam II [Geospatial & Geosynchronous Gravitation Combat Type]

Model Number: PFF-X7II-G3
Designation: Hiroto's Customised Mobile Suit for Orbital/ Sub-Orbital Combat

Fly like a butterfly but sting like a bee!
More of a concept test type than a fully-fledged operational mobile suit, the Geospatial & Geosynchronous Gravitation or "G3" Combat Type was cobbled together by Hiroto to assess the viability of the Core Defensor as combat equipment. While the size of the Core Defensor made for a pretty decent shield, its true strength was in the manoeuvrability it brought to the attached mobile suit. By docking the Core Defensor to the backpack and having it hang just off the rear skirt armour, the mobile suit became far more nimble and responsive, especially in orbital/sub-orbital conditions.

The additional attachment also allowed for a finer degree of AMBAC (Active Mass Balance Auto-Control) in zero-gravity, enabling thruster-less and a somewhat gentler movement scheme. Hiroto was able to make very precise moves to take full advantage of the AMBAC system to evade enemy fire and sharpen his aim.

While the G3 was essentially made from spare parts that Hiroto happened to have on hand at the point in time, the resultant mobile suit was still a force to be reckoned with. The use of the Jupitive Armor tuned the G3 for space battles, with the oversized shoulders providing a multitude of thrusters for a variety of uses. Apart from the Core Gundam's fixed armaments, Hiroto also equipped the G3 with a simple shield and beam rifle combination, the latter derived from the HGUC 1/144 Full Armour Gundam 7th.

This particular beam rifle packed a bigger punch than its contemporaries, with a beam stronger enough to hit its targets before the I-Field dissolved due to gravitational influence. A dedicated sighting mechanism directly interfaced with the Core Gundam's targeting systems to obtain the best possible firing solution, which was fed directly to Hiroto's control panel for consideration and use.

One of the G3's main research objectives was to write a combat program to help Hiroto determine suitable attack patterns for close quarters battle, making full use of the mobile suit's thrust and agility. The Core Defensor enabled the G3 to have sudden bursts of frightening speed, quickly closing the gap between targets before a single stroke of the beam saber ended their existence. Hiroto was observed to use his beam saber with a certain flair, taking full advantage of the G3's dexterity to weave in between enemy units before eliminating the high-value ones.

The G3 was first deployed in a Force Battle held in Earth's orbit, having only completed testing two days prior. A four-on-four battle, the objective was to eliminate the other Force's space station or all of its defending Divers, whichever came first.

Facing a quartet of heavy mobile armours from the Cosmic Era, the Build Divers devised a simple strategy: Hiroto would go for the space station while the rest distracted the opposing Divers. Putting the G3's refined and somewhat elegant movements on full display, Hiroto glided through space in the midst of Lohengrin and Tannhauser fire, even managing to score several direct hits on vulnerable sections of an enemy Guardshell, forcing the Diver to prematurely retire from the battle.

At the end of the battle, the G3 suffered only 10% damage to its structural frame, whereas Kazami's Justice Knight was barely functional after charging towards the enemy space station at ramming speed in a misguided attempt at a quick victory.


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