Tuesday, May 4, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7II Core Gundam II [Titans Colour Ver.]

Model Number: PFF-X7II
Designation: Hiroto's Customised Multirole Mobile Suit

Small package, big performance!
A Titans-themed colour variant of the Core Gundam II that was fielded by Hiroto during nighttime or urban-area missions, the distinctive colouring of the Titans gave the diminutive mobile suit a striking, domineering look. The inclusion of the clay bazooka and Core Flyer as a shield further extends the Core Gundam's formidable visage, a presence only matched by its exceptional combat performance.

Intended for high-speed, high-damage incursions into enemy territory, the loadout for this version of the Core Gundam II was basic: consisting only of the Core Defensor and the clay bazooka on top of the Core Gundam II's fixed armaments (beam vulcans, beam sabers). This kept the mobile suit small, light and unencumbered by heavy equipment, allowing it to move quickly into attack positions to inflict devastating damage. This variant of the Core Gundam was also tuned for land battles under gravity, including atmospheric and underwater theaters of combat.

Hiroto preferred to load the clay bazooka with armour-piercing shaped charges instead of the sticky adhesive rounds designed to immobilise enemy units, a defeated enemy is better than a temporarily incapacitated one who may return to bite you in the ass. Hiroto used the Core Gundam II's supreme agility to evade enemy fire while zipping towards key targets with the added thrust of the Core Flyer, delivering a lethal payload of bazooka rounds before swiftly retreating.

The HGBDR Core Gundam II [Titans Colour Ver.] bore the distinction of being one of Hiroto's "pure" Core Gundam units, meaning that it was kept as-is and not intended to be combined with specialised Planets System equipment sets, although it was still perfectly capable of docking with any of them.

Hiroto would deploy this version of the Core Gundam II as a showcase and proof-of-concept for the Core Gundam System, allowing budding Divers to observe the capabilities of a mobile suit that was not standard-sized but was still able to go head-to-head with regular-sized units.

Build Notes
The standalone Core Gundam II model kit sets are a godsend for Core-nuts like myself, although the surplus Support Flyer units get annoying real fast. The Core Gundam II is really a leg up from the original, featuring greater part and colour separation, a more streamlined visage and an overall sharper look-and-feel. The mobile suit is able to dock with all existing Planets System armour sets, including the Eldoran ones.


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