Monday, June 14, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 bEXM-14T/S-A3c Cielnova Officer Unit [Base Assault Type-C]

Model Number: bEXM-14T/S-A3c
Designation: Bailon Army 3rd Generation Limited Mass Production Officer Use EXAMAC for Base Attack

A beast of an EXAMAC!Developed around the same time as the bEXM-15 Portanova, the bEXM-14T Cielnova was meant to be command and control (C&C) units piloted by Bailon Army personnel above the regular rank-and-file. Built to be slightly larger and sturdier than frontline Portanova units, the standard Cielnova was lightly armed with only a single beam pistol, relying on its Portanova escorts for protection.

Cielnova Officer Units however, were a different story.

Issued only to veterans who have proven themselves in combat, Cielnova Officer Units eschewed the EXAMAC's rear echelon role and transformed the Cielnova into a close combat powerhouse. Depending on the pilot's preferences, Cielnova Officer Units could be outfitted with a wide variety of armour sets that include base attack, base defense and high mobility, as well as a diverse range of handheld and fixed weaponry. The Base Assault Type-C set equipped the Cielnova with sensor-equipped shoulder armour, oversized armour-shredding gauntlets as well as a backpack-mounted weapon system that can only be described as beam artillery. The long-range sensors greatly enhanced the Cielnova's tactical field of vision, and was used in tandem with the beam artillery system to place devastating beam blasts onto the battlefield with pinpoint accuracy. The weapon system condensed ambient radiation into overcharged positron beams, which could be imbued with mass to be lobbed over considerable distances like conventional artillery pieces. The anti-armour gauntlets were more straightforward: made from the same material as EXAMAC frames, the claws also oscillated on impact to further enhance their cutting ability. Not much could withstand a full-on attack from one armour-shredding gauntlet, and the Type-C mounted two. These equipment turned the Cielnova into a monstrous machine that could both dish out and take enormous punishment, while still retaining its C&C capabilities due to a command fin mounted to the head unit. As per its namesake, Cielnovas equipped with Type-C armour were used to peel open hardened bunkers and armoured fortifications to get to the Earth Alliance goodies within.

The Type-C was first seen in combat during the battle of J-City where the Bailon Army had deployed a large force in an attempt to capture an Earth Alliance EXAMAC production facility hidden beneath the buildings. While the regular Portanovas were generally besting their Alto adversaries in urban combat, Sector 8 was proving hard to fall. In fact, no less than three Portanova platoons - including one led by a Commander Type - had been wiped out by what seemed to be a single Earth Alliance EXAMAC. In an attempt to crush opposition in Sector 8, Bailon High Command ordered Cielnova Unit 09 - a hulking green-red machine - to the area. Within seconds of its arrival in Sector 8, Unit 09 came under fire from a long-range railgun, its enhanced sensor capability pinpointing the source as an Earth Alliance Sentry Drone perched on the roof of a small building. What was at the foot of the building was more interesting: a Heavy Rabiot, one of the Earth Alliance's few aces up its tattered sleeves. Unit 09 sidestepped at the absolute last moment to evade yet another railgun slug from the Sentry Drone and began to rush towards the Heavy Rabiot, which was now training its massive beam bazooka on the approaching Cielnova.

In typical combat scenarios, Base Assault Type Cielnovas would rush towards enemy units and attempt to gouge out the pilots with their armour-shredding gauntlets. With this in mind, the Heavy Rabiot's target acquisition systems worked out a firing solution for its weapons to let loose a lethal salvo on the oncoming green-red Cielnova the moment it crossed an virtual yardstick. What the Earth Alliance pilot failed to realise was that he was not going against a typical Bailon Army pilot: he was fighting one of the elite Demented Legion. 

Cybernetically-enhanced supersoldiers with no semblance of empathy or compassion, their personal machines usually exhibited the same demented characteristics, often sporting exaggerated colour schemes that do not make much sense on a conventional battlefield. Unit 09 was one such machine, its glaring green-red colour scheme contrasting sharply against the drab hues of J-City's buildings as it made its way towards the Heavy Rabiot, whose beam bazooka was now glowing bright pink as it charged up for a wide shot.

Barely a second before Unit 09 crossed the invisible yardstick that would have sealed its fate, the Cielnova dropped to one knee and pointed the beam artillery towards the Sentry Drone. Moments later, a blue ball of pure positron energy soared towards the solitary Roy-Roy and brought down the building it was perched on. At this time, the Heavy Rabiot abandoned the previously-established firing solution and blindly fired at the Cielnova, which easily sidestepped the attack. Using the many buildings as cover, Unit 09 zigzagged towards the Heavy Rabiot, like a snake inching towards its now panicking prey. When it was within a single block from the Earth Alliance EXAMAC, Unit 09 charged through the concrete and steel building, its gauntlets poised to rip the enemy unit to shreds. By a stroke of luck, the Heavy Rabiot managed to raise its shield in time, and was pushed backwards as the both EXAMACs connected. Brandishing its vibration blade, the Heavy Rabiot adopted a close-combat stance while Unit 09 menacingly swung its gauntlets, gouging huge gashes in the surrounding buildings. But before the two adversaries could clash again, a huge portal appeared in the sky above J-City and multiple slender-bodied EXAMAC machines equipped with irregular equipment gracefully hopped out.

The Maxion had arrived.


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