Tuesday, August 10, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGUC 1/144 RGM-86R/u 'GM' III [Low Visibility Specification for FIBUA]

Model Number: RGM-86R/u
Designation: EFSF Mass Production Heavy Mobile Suit for Urban Combat

Mass production types can also pack a punch.
This variant of the Federation's RGM-86R GM III line of high-performance mass production mobile suits was meant for Fighting In Built Up Areas (FIBUA), following the events of the attack on the EFSF Headquarters in Dakar by Zeon Remnants. The assault clearly showed that Federation defence forces were woefully inadequate in urban combat, although the GM III was able to hold its own against the Zeon Remnants even if they were aging, One Year War designs.

Against the backdrop of more attacks on population and urban centres, a dedicated mobile suit unit was needed as a deterrent, which led to the green-lighting of a remodelled GM III that was able to fulfill multiple tactical roles (close quarters combat, mid-range battle, long-range support) in an urban setting.

To prolong its combat capacity in the field, the RGM-86R/u retained the fixed armaments of its general purpose predecessor, including the 60mm head-mounted vulcans, twin backpack-mounted beam sabers, two large missile launchers mounted on the side skirts and two medium missile pods mounted on the shoulders.

The standard-issue beam rifle was swapped out for a newer-model beam shotgun with underslung multi-munitions launcher along with a smaller shield that took reference from the spiked shield of the older GM Ground Type. The RGM-86R/u was also equipped with a pair of leg-mounted rocket pods which was usually equipped with anti-personnel cluster rockets but could also be loaded with other mission-specific payloads.

Combined with the mobile suit's high performance, these armaments gave the GM III formidable firepower and range in urban combat. The projectile-based weaponry launchers could also be jettisoned when spent to avoid becoming deadweight, allowing the GM III to quickly switch combat protocols in the field.

The RGM-86R/u played a strong deterrent role in guarding urban centres, with their distinctive visages usually sufficient to turn away light opposition without a fight. When push came to shove, the GM III made use of its low visibility colours to blend into urban environments, sometimes intentionally turning off the city's power grid to further enhance their stealthy camouflage in order to execute tactical maneuvers.

A point blank blast from the beam shotgun was usually enough to knock out most enemy combatants, but RGM-86R/u units have been observed to immediately follow up with a 40mm grenade round to destroy well-armoured targets. Despite its bulk, the GM III was also adept with a beam saber, with control schemes fine enough to remove mobile suit limbs with an almost surgical precision.

In the uncertain times of U.C.0096, the GM III was as close to the RX-78-2 Gundam as normal citizens could get.


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