Saturday, August 21, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai Gundam Artifact Wave-1 003 Hi-Nu Gundam - Straight Build

Tiny on size, big on details!Bandai's new line of Plastic Mini Kits is actually quite a fun, casual build - with a surprisingly robust number of parts coming together to build a mobile suit with a more mechanically-intricate design as compared to the original in a colour scheme reminiscent of resin models.

The Gundam Artifact 003 Hi-Nu Gundam is a tiny tiny kit (albeit a very detailed one), and stands best next to similarly-scaled model kits such as the Bandai Gunpla 40th Anniversary [Mobile Suit Gundam] Logo Plastic Model. A rarer version of this kits cast in clear red plastic can also be obtained in these box sets.

While the Gundam Artifact kits result in micro Gunpla that are closer to Gashapon collectibles, the build experience is pretty solid and is a great stand-in to soothe that itch to build without committing too much time. Essentially a statue with its restricted mobility, this hasn't stopped modellers from flexing their crazy handpainting skills on these Gundam Artifacts!


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