Friday, September 24, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 EXM-A9n/D Spinatio (Ninja Type: Daimyo)

Model Number: EXM-A9n/D
Designation: Maxion Limited Production 4th Generation EXAMAC for Heavy Assault

Who needs ranged weaponry when you are bristling with kunai.The stealth-use Spinatio [Ninja Type] was the Maxion Forces' go-to EXAMAC for covert operations and/or clandestine missions, making use of its low-visibility colour scheme, high mobility and quick-kill armament to swiftly take out high-value targets or generally cause chaos within enemy ranks. While the regular Ninja Types were lightly armed with only a pair of Type-80 short blades and mostly stayed in the shadows, the elusive Daimyo versions of the EXAMAC completely throws subtlety to the wind.

Daimyo Ninja Types were armed to the teeth: on top of the Type-80 short blades, they were also equipped with a Type-86 "Kunai Wing" armed mobility enhancer backpack, a pair of Type-85 "Kunai Guards" on the forearms as well as a pair of "Air Discs" mounted to the soles of the EXAMAC for improved mobility. The kunai-themed equipment gave the Daimyo 16 lethal weapons that can be used both for short-range and long-range combat. Daimyo Ninja Types were observed to charge into battlefields, sowing enemies with its throwing knives before swiftly retreating with minimal damage to its frame.

Even more uncommon than Spinatio [Sengoku Type: Daimyo] units usually seen in the rear echelons of any Maxion formation, Daimyo Ninja Types rarely appeared, only manifesting in smoke and fire when things were not going in the Maxion's favour, which was already a very rare occasion given the technological and strategic superiority the Maxion exerted on the other factions.


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