Monday, September 27, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 EXM-A9s.1/J Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Spear)

Model Number: EXM-A9s.1/J
Designation: Maxion Forces Mass Production 4th Generation EXAMAC for Heavy Attack

When the going gets tough, the tough gets upgraded.A better-equipped, heavy-attack use variant of the EXM-A9s.1 Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Sword), the Type: Spear is deployed by the Maxion to utterly obliterate enemy positions with extreme prejudice, making use of its plethora of armaments to tackle any combat situation.

While the Type: Spear is indeed equipped with a Type-81 Anti-EXAMAC 3-Point Spear, the Spear moniker in its designation is actually referring to the Type: Spear's role on the battlefield - the spear of a Maxion heavy attack wave. As the three-sided war raged on, the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army alike slowly began to exploit chinks in the Maxion's seemingly indomitable armour, finding weak points in the Spinatio EXAMACs, particularly the frontline Type: Swords. While formidable combatants, Type: Swords relied on their mobility and support fire from Type: Bow units to stay alive on the battlefield, their onboard armour unable to withstand prolonged enemy beam and/or projectile fire. The Sengoku armour is also particularly vulnerable to sustained high-power beam weaponry, with the Alto Sniper Configuration's beam sniper rifle being able to gouge gaping holes into the Spinatio's chest armour and force it into beating a hasty retreat. This has an important cascade effect: the Type: Bows were now open to a full-frontal assault as their Type: Sword protective forces are now absent.

Showing that the Maxion were more imitative than innovative, both the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army began to see a new type of Spinatio being deployed, with contested areas quickly falling to the Maxion in these instances. Recovered battlefield recordings showed a Spinatio model with heavier armour, in fact, the chest and shoulder armour were derived from the bEXM-15/J Portanova Close Combat Type (Protective Escort Specification), leveraging its superior durability and survivability. The Type: Spears also had increased armour around the calves and forearms, areas that were routinely attacked by opposing faction combatants. 

The oversized forearm armour also served a seondary purpose: a servo-mounted armature served as a grip for the tail end of the spear, allowing the Type: Spear to effectively wield its main weapon one-handed with the same amount of force as two. Type: Spears also carried a shotgun version of the standard-issue Maxion beam rifle into battle, dual-wielding it with the spear which worked together to form an almost invincible screen that protected the Type: Spear in medium, close and ultra close range. The shotgun version of the beam rifle was utterly lethal in close quarters, with a single blast sufficient to blow the torso of a regular Alto clean off its waist. To keep the EXAMAC in combat for as long as possible, Type: Spears also equipped the Type: Sword's long sword but were only observed using the weapon as an absolute last resort.

Type: Spears were not only the spearhead of any Maxion assault, it was the entire spear that brought the fury and ferocity of the 3rd faction to bear on the pioneering belligerents of the Skyfall War. 


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