Wednesday, September 8, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 EXM-A9s.2 Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Bow) - Customised Build

Model Number: EXM-A9s.2
Designation: Maxion Forces Mass Production 4th Generation EXAMAC for Long Range Attack

Delivering damage from afar!A long range combat variant of the Spinatio Sengoku Type, the Bow-equipped Spinatio possesses only the barest of weaponry: a Type-79 High Energy Particle Accelerator and a standard Issue Maxion beam rifle. As per Maxion military structure, the Bow Types rely heavily on the close-combat oriented Sword Types for protection against close-in adversaries, similar to how the Sword-Types are reliant on their bow-wielding counterparts to counter targets out of their attack range.

The High Energy Particle Accelerator - or energy bow as it came to be known - was a fearsome weapon, generating intense lances of beam energy that were shot out at hypersonic velocities. The density of the particles could be adjusted to have mass in order to be lobbed over obstacles or for area bombardment. The bow was extremely lethal to aircraft and flying units, with a single glancing hit able to send the affected unit into a doomed spiral to the ground. Bow Types have been observed hitting flying units at extreme distances with pinpoint accuracy, making them a very effective, and nimble, anti-aircraft defence option. The conical helmets equipped by the Bow Types also concealed long-range sensor equipment that aided target acquisition and tracking, making the EXAMAC a formidable adversary on the battlefield. Sword Type could feed battlefield data to Bow Types as well, allowing them to effectively bombard enemy targets that are way out of their range.

Bow Types were lightly armoured to improve maneuverability so that they can quickly get out of harm's way after firing off a volley of shots. The light armour also meant that Bow Types can move between combat points very quickly, with a single Bow Type able to confuse enemy forces by seemingly firing from multiple directions.

If you see a Sword Type coming your way, you better start running before the orange lances appear on the horizon.


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