Tuesday, September 7, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai 30MM 1/144 EXM-A9s.1 Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Sword) - Painted Build

Model Number: EXM-A9s.1
Designation: Maxion Forces Mass Production 4th Generation EXAMAC for Close Combat

The Spinatio series takes 30MM model kits to the next level.Entering the Earth Alliance-Bailon Army conflict as a third belligerent, the Maxion Forces appeared from the space transition gate in orbit and immediately descended on J-City during a skirmish between the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army. After indiscriminately laying waste to all combatants from both sides, J-City is now a Maxion stronghold and staging point for the faction's expansion strategy, forever changing the face of the Skyfall conflict.

While little is known about the enigmatic Maxion, their technology is more advanced than the best mustered by the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army, with the EXM-A9s.1 Spinatio EXAMAC system completely outclassing even the 4th Generation Rabiot and the formidable Cielnova. The Spinatio is able to achieve human-like levels of movement thanks to revolutionary new joints and materials, allowing the machines to move with an elegant grace as compared to the lumbering movements of its opponent EXAMACs. This also made the Spinatio harder to shoot down.

Preliminary intelligence indicated that the Maxion follow a command structure inspired by Feudal Japan, which also shows in the Maxion's choice of equipment and design themes for its EXAMAC forces. Led by a Shogun Type who appoints Daimyo Types for localised command and control, Maxion divisions consist mainly of Sengoku Types, further stratified by roles into Sword and Bow types. Maxion units are expected to work together as a collective and not lone wolves, each unit is therefore extremely specialised for its role on the battlefield which makes them extra deadly in that respect.

The Spinatio Sengoku Type: Sword is one of the most common Spinatio variants encountered on the battlefield, save for the Normal Types with no equipment. Equipped with jet black armour reminiscent of ancient samurai warriors, Sword Types are lightly armed with only a beam rifle and a long sword, relying on skill more than fancy equipment to defeat enemies. A single Sword Type was observed decimating a platoon of Altos with little effort, moving from machine to machine with the grace of a butterfly but the lethality of a giant hornet. The Spinatio's long sword vibrated at the molecular level which allows the blade to cut through armour plating like a hot knife through butter and was sturdy enough to be used for days on end before needing replacement. The beam rifle was lackluster as compared to the long sword, although a well-placed shot could prove damaging to any unwary EXAMAC.

Sword Types work with Bow Types as the main force for any skirmish or battle, with the Bow Types softening up enemy targets from range before the Sword Types moved in for the kill. Knowing that the Bow Types are instrumental to a quick victory, Sword Types have been observed to guard Bow Types with fervent zealotry, in some rare instances even sacrificing themselves to preserve the operability of their ranged-attack counterparts. While Sword Types are theoretically able to use the Type-79 High Energy Particle Accelerator themselves, their sensor complement and fire control systems were not optimised for long range attacks and would thus be next to useless. 

As more Spinatio variants reveal themselves as the Maxion aggressively ramps up their occupation strategy, the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army will need to shore up their defenses and put out more advanced EXAMACs to counter the threat.


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