Sunday, September 5, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 ZGMF-X19AK/DRA Gundam Justice Dragon Knight - Customised Build

Model Number: ZGMF-X19AK/DRA
Designation: Kazami's Custom Mobile Suit for Large Scale Aggressor Combat

A slightly upgraded version of the fantastic Gundam Justice Knight model kit with new weaponry additions intended to take down hulking dragons!
With a colouring treatment inspired by the Metal Robot Damashii series of Knight Gundam units in the Real Type format, the Gundam Justice Dragon Knight was a variant of Kazami's mobile suit used to deal with a particularly tough dragon-based boss that wreaked substantial havoc during a GBN event.

While largely similar to the usual Gundam Justice Knight, the Dragon Knight featured a shinier colour scheme and subtle hue changes to areas of its Knight-themed armour, which made the Dragon Knight look like a suit of armour while also having the unintended benefit of luring the gaze of the any dragon-based enemy unit. The main change, however, came in the mobile suit's new equipment, which more than doubled the Justice Knight's original relatively light loadout.

The Justice Knight's KT-E03R Raitei Shot Lancer was replaced with a fearsome Battle Lance from the Gundam Wing universe. While the Battle Lance lacks any form of ranged attacks, it was extremely good at its intended function, which was to create gaping holes in enemy units. Leveraging the speed and agility bestowed by the Knight Wing, the Gundam Justice Dragon Knight was able to tear through armoured fortifications with little effort and the lance section of the weapon can also be fired with explosive force before being retracted via cable, which opens a host of tactical options.

The Gundam Justice Dragon Knight also used a Dragonscale shield as standard equipment in lieu of the CS-1202 Circle Shield (which is now mounted to the Knight Wing as a backup). Built by Kazami using parts obtained from an earlier crossover event with another franchise, the Dragonscale shield was able to take a lot of punishment despite its diminutive nature, and was able to launch fireball-shaped beam projectiles from its "jaws", which could also be used as grappling mechanisms in close quarters combat.

After a disastrous first attempt at taking down the boss machine, the Gundam Justice Dragon Knight eschewed the KT-S023 Galatine Long Sword for a pair of new close combat sword-type weapons: a Knight Saber and a Champion Claymore.

Derived from the beam saber of the R-Jarja, the Knight Saber was a high-output beam saber that generated a huge beam blade that was capable of cutting through armour like butter was also able to also penetrate plating coated with anti-beam countermeasures. When used together with the Champion Claymore - a large physical sword that was light enough to be wielded one-handed - the Gundam Justice Dragon Knight became a maelstrom of lethal justice that was able to take on multiple enemies and come out on top.


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