Sunday, November 14, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai 30MM 1/144 EXM-E7a-S Spinatia [Type: Assassin Custom]

Model Number: EXM-E7a-S
Designation: Maxion Forces Limited Mass Production 4th Generation EXAMAC for Covert Operations

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The main axiom that forms the very core of the mainstream Maxion forces is one of collective responsibility: the different Spinatio types are expected to build on the strengths of the various specialisations and address tactical shortcomings to become a cohesive, deadly fighting force. While this strategem has worked out in the Maxion's favour ever since their arrival through the Star Gate, the Earth Alliance and Bailon Army have started to formulate tactics meant to disrupt the strict hierarchical structure of any Maxion platoon and cause the Spinatio units to quickly fall into disarray.

Developed by a radical branch of the military as the antithesis of conventional Maxion combat doctrine, the Spinatia Project strove to produce solo units capable of singlehandedly turning the tide of any theatre it was deployed to. The design of the Spinatia unit took on a deliberate feminine styling to at once clearly distinguish it from the regular Spinatio units but also as a form of covert psychological warfare. The larger frame of the Spinatia - especially the oversized head unit - allowed it to house a greater number of advanced systems including jamming arrays and network disruptors, further enabling its role as a special operations unit that was intended to operate far behind enemy lines.

Assigned to pilots with flawless combat records, Spinatia units took on a variety of Types tailored to individual combat styles. A particularly showy pilot customised his Spinatia [Type: Assassin] in a loud black and pink colour scheme, on the pretext that it will help to draw enemy fire away from friendly units given how much the colour scheme will stand out in any combat situation. This particular Type: Assassin Custom was also equipped with a pair of experimental Granular Nanovibration Blades, which were highly advanced variants of the Maxion's proprietary molecular vibration technology. The blades were able to change their molecular structures on the fly, allowing the weapons to easily slice through Rabiot armour or harden itself to block even large-caliber artillery rounds. The combination of long and short blades gave the pilot plenty of options in tackling enemy forces.


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