Saturday, November 13, 2021

[Kit Insight] Mcshow Metal Build 1/72 X-105 Blue Warrior

Third party die-cast figures can be a bit of a mixed bag: while they cost a fraction of officially-sanctioned ones, the quality may sometimes leave much to be desired.Mcshow's 1/72 scale X-105 Blue Warrior is somewhere in between.

A retooling of Moshow's fantastic Metal Build Plus 1/72 Aile Strike, the Blue Warrior is essentially a 2.0, with a sturdier die-cast frame and additional armour embellishments. But the most prominent distinction is the Blue Warrior set, shifting the Strike into a Musha-influenced design. In fact, the Blue Warrior parts are just enlarged versions of the Musha Gundam's Sengoku-styled armour, cast in a medium blue hue with electroplated gold trimmings. While these look quite cool, they come across as bare when compared with the rest of the Strike. The head unit though, is really handsomely sculpted and also comes with a LED. It is also strange that this kit does not come with a proper box, just a plain brown cardboard shipping box.

The Blue Warrior is bundled with the standard Strike arsenal and the Aile Striker Pack, but strangely no Musha-type weapons. When I tried to mount the Moshow/ Poison Toys 1/72 Sword Striker onto the Blue Warrior, I realised that the hardpoint is drastically different and thus unable to connect. Wielding the anti-ship sword was easier to accomplish, although the loose fit in the hands and bulkiness of the sword hampered posing.

If you're a fan of the Strike design, this will be good to have, otherwise, it will be difficult to justify the purchase.


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