Tuesday, December 14, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBB 1/144 MSB-GH03 Gundam Helios [Initial Rollout Ver.] - Painted Build

Model Number: MSB-GH03
Designation: Ryusei Fudo's Custom Mobile Suit

A Gunpla design that truly personifies the essence of the Gundam Breaker series!The successor machine of Ryusei Fudo's Gundam Areus, the Gundam Helios seamlessly combines parts from multiple mobile suits to become a well-rounded, heavy firepower-centric unit. The Helios features components and equipment from the following mobile suits:
  1. Destiny Gundam
  2. Gundam X
  3. Gundam Double X
  4. Freedom Gundam
  5. Unicorn Gundam
  6. Gundam F91
Fictional Lore
In order to improve on the Gundam Areus - itself a successor of the Gundam Artemis - Ryusei had to expand his part selection to include more components from other machines. The resultant machine took on a bulkier, heavier visage as compared to the streamlined profile of the Areus, but the Helios more than makes up for this in terms of raw, unfettered damage output.

Before the Helios was done up in Ryusei's signature colour scheme, it was deployed for testing in colours inspired by the Destiny Gundam. The Freedom Gundam's aeroelastic wing units were also equipped the right side up on the initial rollout version of the Helios, which was later inverted to give the Helios its distinct look (and attract eyeballs). 

With the addition of the Balaena Plasma Beam Cannons from the Freedom Gundam's wing units, the Helios boasted a third more firepower than the Areus with more tactical options accorded to Ryusei. To offset the heat generated from the new equipment equipment, the Helios upgraded the radiator fins found on the Areus into energy radiator plates affixed onto the mobile suit's limbs similar to the type found on the Gundam Double X, the only difference being the fins themselves were made from a clear material that resembles Psychoframe. This had the intended effect of channeling energy to the Helios' weapon systems, and several sections of the mobile suit also embedded Psychframe sections into their structure.

Despite its bulk, the Helios was surprisingly nimble in part due to the Freedom Gundam's wing units. The unfurled wings enabled the Helios to execute Hi Mobility Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) in combination with either the Palma Fiocina palm beam cannons or the large beam swords. However, the Helios' signature finisher move is the aptly named Helios Sestet Cannon, whereby the wing units and energy radiator fins are all deployed to provide power as well as counterbalance to the Double Satellite Cannon, Balaena Plasma Beam cannons and Palma Fiocina palm beam cannons. All six cannons can be fired at once to produce a large and tremendously deadly beam that is difficult to avoid, easily able to disable or outright destroy numerous enemy machines. The finisher, however, takes some time to charge up, which necessitates combat via more traditional means (such as with a beam rifle) until the weapons can be used to eliminate all opposition in one fell swoop.


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