Sunday, December 5, 2021

[Kit Insight] Bandai 30MM 1/144 eEXM-30 Espossito α - Straight Build

Model Number: eEXM-30
Designation: Earth Alliance Mass Production 4th Generation Transformable EXAMAC System

The age of transformable EXAMACs has arrived.
Build Notes
Pretty much an upgraded Alto with a transformation gimmick, the Espossito α is nonetheless a fun kit to put together and fiddle around with. With a rugged exterior that bears quite a bit of surface detail, the Espossito's more advanced look is befitting of its role as the Earth Alliance's newest EXAMAC to combat the Maxion scourge.

The Espossito essentially "crumples" itself with no major parts-forming into a blocky flight form which bears a passing resemblance to the SDF-1 Macross when viewed from the side. The sharp shield makes the Espossito α look a little more aerodynamic than the β variant, but the addition of wing units will further accentuate the visage of its flight form.

Fictional Lore
Developed in secret by Cyrus alongside the Rabiot, the Espossito line of EXAMACs were meant to be a high-speed heavy interception unit that complements the Earth Alliance's ground-pounding forces. While it would definitely be a force multiplier when deployed, Earth Alliance brass were reluctant to continue funding of the Espossito after the appearance of the Maxion, whose Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Bow) made very short work of any air-based unit.

Deployed into combat operations after the 3-sided war reached another stalemate, the Espossito quickly made a name for itself as an effective weapon against the dreaded Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Bow) units. Refined from the Alto (Flight Type) line of airborne EXAMACs, the Espossito morphs into a compact flight form for high speed cruising in both atmosphere and space. Due to its simple transformation mechanism, the switch between both modes take less than a minute, a feature routinely exploited by Espossito pilots to confuse Spinatio (Sengoku Type: Bow) pilots, forcing them to constantly recalibrate their aiming apparatus to hit aerial and then ground targets.

The Espossito was also supremely agile in the air in its EXAMAC form, capable of using its many thrusters to make tight turns and hard banks, sometimes turning completely upside down to shoot at pursuers before changing back to its cruising mode. Although lightly armed with only a single double-barrelled beam rifle and sharp shield, the Espossito relies on its superior mobility to land kinetically-charged strikes that were able to sever Spinatio torsos. Due to its sterling performance on the field against the Maxion, a heavier, commander-use variant of the Espossito has been green-lit for further development and deployment.


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