Thursday, July 20, 2017

[Kit Insight] Bandai RE100 1/100 AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma (Straight Build)

Go big or go extinct seems to be the design philosophy for the AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma!

The Hamma-Hamma (strange name notwithstanding) bears a unique, ambitious and forward-looking design that was way ahead of its time when first introduced in 1987. A prototype mobile suit packed with game-changing warfare technology and innovations, the Hamma-Hamma was designed as a heavy-hitting assault-use mobile suit that would potentially bring its quasi-Psycommu weapons to bear against helpless targets in all-range attacks.

Existing only as a old-timey 1/144 model kit decades ago, the Hamma-Hamma finally gets the model kit rendition it deserves as a RE100, which is fantastic for people who like big kits as the design height for the Hamma-Hamma is a whopping 24 meters, far taller than most Gundams and contemporary mobile suits. Indeed, the RE100 model kit is HUGE, easily besting most MG 1/100 model kits in height and bulk. 

Colour and part separation is really good on the RE100 Hamma-Hamma, considering the fact that the RE100 Efreet Schneid fared horribly on those two fronts (silver stickers for the heat darts). The Hamma-Hamma's parts come in two tones of green, yellow for the piping, red for the thrusters/beam cannons, dark grey for the frame parts as well as some clear parts for the sensors and display support stands.

The numerous red thrusters littered all over the Hamma-Hamma's massive frame are all individual parts, as are all the yellow piping smaller detail. In fact, the Hamma-Hamma only has three stickers on its tiny sticker sheet, and all three can be unused as they are intended to cover up the clear pink parts (which is really counterproductive). Some parts could have been in another colour to add detail, but that is something a little painting can easily solve.

It's such a shame that a bulky, massive model kit suffers from a flaw as fundamental as weak thigh joints, marring an otherwise impressive entry into the exciting Reborn 100 line.


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