Thursday, August 10, 2017

[Kit Insight] Bandai Gashapon Exceed Model Zaku Head [Char Aznable] (Straight Build)

When these cuties were announced and teased, Zaku fanboys everywhere rejoiced! Finally, an affordable and ridiculously detailed Zaku head is available!

For a Gashapon product, the Exceed Model Zaku Head series is pretty solid, with a generous amount of parts, accurate colour representation and unexpectedly good detailing for something this affordable. Making use of the "ball" it is contained in, the Zaku head utilises quite a fair bit of the shell for construction, although the leftover parts are the biggest ones.

Construction is a breeze, much more fluid and less frustrating than Gashpon Gundam toys (those have tiny parts that can be intense to snap). It took me less than five minutes to snap up one head, but the piping assembly is a little too easy.

Once complete, the Head is remarkable! The chrome-painted, crystal-socketed moneye assembly can move, and the top of the head and snout can be flipped open as a sort of quasi Open Hatch presentation which is really cool. The details and markings are also on point!

Bandai is dropping more of these heads, so there will definitely be a Zaku Head for everyone!


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