Monday, March 12, 2018

[Kit Insight] Daban MG 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia (Straight Build)

Great design, not-so-great execution!
For some reason, third party (3P) model kit manufacturers love the Gundam Avalanche Exia. Almost every major 3P maker has put out a variant of the high mobility armoured Exia type, mostly in MG 1/100 series although there are RG 1/144 add-on option sets as well. While most 3P Avalanche designs are based on Bandai's Metal Build Gundam Avalanche Exia, Daban's version is unique as it went with an extremely edgy design.

The Daban Avalanche came in huge package: aswide and thick as the box of the PG 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam but not nearly as tall. The set comes with all the parts needed to make the Gundam Avalanche Exia as well as the Exia Repair II (R2) and Repair III (R3). However, the instruction manual ends with the Avalanche, with no further directions for the other two variants.

Just straight building this beast took me more than seven hours and I didn't even bother with cleaning the nubs much. Even so, the Avalanche Exia with everything on looks fantastic with its sharp angles and edges, accentuated by the nicely painted silver blades of its weapons. Expect all the "hallmarks" of 3P model kits that include ill-fitting parts and confusing instructions, but nothing too heavy for even the casual modeler. 

Stability however, leaves much to be desired. While fitting and part separation is nothing out of the ordinary for third party kits, the Avalanche Exia does feel very rickety, with shaky limbs and loose joints. Although it can still pose without its action base (included), you'd need it for the more dynamic poses. It's not really a poser but it's definitely a looker with its overall edgy design and sharp angles. The GN Swords are all bladed with silver-sprayed parts and are hella sharp!

Overall, Daban's iteration of the Gundam Avalanche Exia looks nice but can be better in terms of its stability and strength.



  1. how many runner this kit have ?

    1. The instruction doc say 27, but 31 in package box.

  2. Hi, do you still have build guidebook for this one?
    I lost mine and I can't fine one.
    So, let me know if you can help.