Sunday, July 15, 2018

[Kit Insight] Premium Bandai HGUC 1/144 XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0 (Painted Build)

Model Number: XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0
Designation: S.N.R.I Prototype General Purpose Use Mobile Suit

The latest model kit addition to the Crossbone line of high performance mobile suits!
Essentially the fourth Crossbone Gundam after the X-1, X-2 and X-3, the X-0 is cosmetically similar to its predecessors, retaining the X-shaped backpack for mobility in Jupiter's atmosphere, the overall pirate motif as well as most of its armaments. The greatest difference on the X-0 is its silver colour scheme, although the P-Bandai model kit does a laughably bad job at recreating it in its full glory.

As a colour correction build, I made use of the following:
  1. Red Fox Bright Silver
  2. Bosny Aluminium Silver
  3. Nippon Pylox Silver 
  4. Nippon Pylox Matt Black
  5. Bosny Metallic Black
  6. Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  7. Nippon Pylox Naval Grey
  8. Red Fox Primer Grey
  9. Bosny Gold
  10. CT7 Gold
  11. Molotow Liquid Chrome
The stock red was preserved as it had a pretty nice sheen and finishing, going well with the colour scheme I was after.

The Crossbone Gundam X-0 differs from its other brethren in that it is not equipped with the Beam Zanber or Buster Gun (although both are still included with the HGUC kit), instead it is armed with a pair of experimental variable beam shotguns called the Butterfly Buster. In its default mode, the weapon functioned as a formidable beam shotgun/cannon and it can fold open to reveal two powerful beam emitters that generated a massive blade said to be able to cut through 20 ordinary beam sabers.

The Kujaku was the combination of arguably the most powerful weapons in the Crossbone's arsenal: the Peacock Smasher and the Muramasa Blaster. In fact, the name Kujaku was a translation of the word peacock in the language Muramasa was derived from.

True to its lineage, the Kujaku was able to fire 14 concurrent beams in its blaster mode a la the Peacock Smasher, supported by the weapon's built-in generator. In sword mode, the Kujaku channeled the Muramasa Blaster, emitting 14 beam saber blades along the edges to become a huge weapon. The tip was also able to generate another beam blade that can be used for stabbing attacks.

As with all Crossbone-type mobile suits, the X-0 looks effortlessly badass.


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