Monday, June 3, 2019

[Kit Insight] Bandai SD Sangoku Soketsuden Cao Cao Wing Gundam (Painted Build)

A fresh new take on a key figure of the Warring States!

A remarkable SD model kit with immense colour and part separation, the classic Cao Cao is reimagined as a Wing Gundam, complete with a colour palette that is reminiscent of the original but entirely different.

Cao Cao is armed with a pair of Sohaken, loosely transliterated as Twin Feather Swords. Ostensibly, these are modelled after the Wing Gundam's twin Buster Rifles, now in the form of lanky swords.

Although the articulation of the SD Sangoku Soketsuden series can be lacking in some areas (e.g the head), Cao Cao is still able to pull off many assault poses and is best displayed on an action base!

Like the twin Buster Rifles, the Sohaken can be combined into the So-Sohaken, literally a buster sword. While Cao Cao can't do a dual-handed sword strike pose, the So-Sohaken still looks great one-handed.

As a colour correction build, the following were used:
  1. Bosny Metallic Silver
  2. Red Fox Bright Silver
  3. Red Fox Flat Black
  4. Mr DIY Sparkling Black
  5. Tamiya Metallic Black
  6. Nippon Pylox Light Blue
  7. Mr DIY Medium Blue
  8. Nippon Pylox Deep Grey
  9. Nippon Pylox Grey
  10. Red Wheel Silver Grey
  11. Bosny Gold
The SD Sangoku Soketsuden series has been rolling out quite a number of hits with its revised SD model kits, I look forward to catching the anime in July 2019! 


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