Monday, June 29, 2020

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 AGP-X1/E3-S Eldora Earthree Gundam [Alus Custom] - Painted Build

Model Number: AGP-X1/E3-S
Designation: Alus' Customised High Performance General Purpose Mobile Suit

This is a vast improvement over the Core mobile suit design!
Desirous of a suitable machine with which to personally combat the Gunpla of the Build Divers, Alus divested considerable time and effort to scour through the GBN servers for any and all data of the PFF-X7 Core Gundam, a machine he considered to be an almost perfect combatant due to its versatility across any tactical situation.

In the time the Build Divers took to return to Eldora, Alus perfected the AGP-X1 Eldore Core Gundam. More than just a simple replication of the Core Gundam, the Eldora Core Gundam is a vast improvement over the original machine, boasting far greater output, mobility and speed than Hiroto's Gunpla. Eldore Core Gundams could also be fielded in large numbers as commander-types for Eldora forces, marshaling the varied elements into a fearsome fighting force.

Like its base machine, the Eldora Core Gundam could quickly shift modes by equipping specialised Armour Sets in order to adapt to changing combat situations. The most commonly-used set is the E3 Armour, based on the all-purpose functionality of Hiroto's Earthree Planet System. As with the Earthree Gundam, Eldora Earthree Gundam units were well-balanced combatants, able to address almost every general tactical situation that did not warrant specialised intervention.

While Alus could directly control any Eldora Core Gundam unit if he so wished, which changed its sensor colour from purple to a fierce red, he also created his own customised Eldora Core Gundam with a unique suit of E3 Armour. Basing the colour scheme on the antagonist machine of the classic Mobile Suit Gundam series, Alus' custom Eldora Earthree Gundam blazed a dark hue of crimson. 

All limiters and performance inhibitors were removed from Alus' Eldora Earthree Gundam, giving it an output of roughly three times that of a regular Eldora Earthree Gundam. It flew faster, hit harder and was the stuff of nightmares whispered only in hushed tones at night. In the few instances Alus' unit was fielded, it utterly decimated enemy forces even when outnumbered 30 to 1 and equipped with only the simplest of loadout. 

The main weapon of Alus' customised Eldora Earthree Gundam was a large beam rifle, a souped-up version of the ones found on the regular units. It was a symbol of Alus' appetite for wanton destruction, boasting tremendous power and output in two modes: Burst Shooting and Standard Shooting. Most of the time, a single burst from Standard Shooting mode was more than sufficient to gut enemy vehicles and the weapon could be rapid-fired like a submachine gun to keep enemy units at bay. The beam rifle really comes into its own with Burst Shooting, where the two halves of the weapon expand and additional energy is supplied by the Gundam to push the rifle's output over its theoretical limit. Little could withstand the sheer raw damage put out by the beam rifle in Burst Shooting mode, and Alus used the weapon with the practiced hand of a human artist, carving out sections of destruction to refine his technique.

The other weapon found on the Eldora Earthree Gundam was the beam blade, a feature carried over from the Eldora Core Gundam but with empowerment from the E3 Armour's added output. Generated from the mobile suit's hands, the beam blades were effectively quick-draw beam sabers capable to parrying other similar weapons and even block both beam and solid projectiles. Combined with the speed and agility of his E3 Armour, Alus was able to quickly silence enemy combatants with just the beam blade, cutting through even the most stubborn of armour plating. In one incident against the Resistance's trump card, which was a hulking monstrosity composed of parts scavenged from destroyed Eldora Army units, Alus neatly bisected the abomination with just one slash of the beam blade, albeit enhanced in the same way the beam rifle's output was improved for Burst Shooting. In fact, this technique was termed the Burst Blade by the incident's survivors, which weren't many.

With the advent of Hiroto's Core Gundam II, the Eldora Earthree Gundam [Alus Custom] would have met its match. However, the versatility of the Core Gundam system allowed Alus to futureproof his  stratagem against the Build Divers. While his newest Armour Set is a fakery of a classic mobile suit design, Alus' hardened determination to wipe out the Build Divers is anything but. 


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