Monday, June 29, 2020

[CUSTOM] Premium Bandai HGBDR 1/144 DT-6800EL Eldora Daughtress - Painted Build

Model Number: DT-6800EL 
Designation: Eldora Mass Production Assault Use Mobile Suit 

Cannon fodder can also have big guns.
The DT-6800EL Eldora Daughtress was a procedurally-generated machine produced by Alus in massive numbers to overwhelm any and all opposition. Based on the Daughtress line of mass production mobile suits from the After War Gundam X timeline, the Eldora version was similarly versatile and easy to produce, fielded in large numbers alongside other Eldora units. 

The Eldora Daughtress fulfilled the role of a foot soldier in the One-Eyes ranks, single-mindedly going at objectives with an unwavering focus. Although individual units were weak and easily dispatched, the strength of the Eldora Daughtress lay in their ability to work tactically, skillfully out-manveuring opponents under the command of a commander-type unit. Alus was also known to make full and deadly use of the Eldora Daughtress' unique weapon: the Multiple Barrel Rifle.

As per its namesake, the Multiple Barrel Rifle was a massive, handheld weapon that features four individual beam cannons on articulated barrels, along with a fifth beam cannon in the middle of the assemblage, much like the beak of a terrestrial giant squid. The flexible nature of the barrels allowed the Eldora Daughtress to lay down many different kinds of firepower: from concentrated, focused blasts to widespread suppressive fire intended to keep enemy heads low. Each barrel could fire on a different target, effectively giving the Eldora grunt machine the ability to hold off five different targets at once.

Alus exploited the merits of the Multiple Barrel Rifle to deadly effect, using small numbers of Eldora Daughtress units to annihilate numerically-superior enemy forces through timed salvo-fire. Two platoons of Eldora Daughtress units fired their beam weapons in alternate succession, giving enemy forces little respite from the constant beam barrage and allowing other Eldora units to flank and destroy enemy combatants.

While Alus largely left the dirty work of destruction to the varied elements of the Eldora Army, it dreamed of getting more hands-on action, inspired by past exploits mined from the memories of a brainwashed Masaki Shido. The Build Divers were also becoming more than just a blip in its perfect code for Eldora, constantly standing in the way of the Grand Design. While Alus could take direct control of any Eldora unit at anytime, the brutish, bestial nature of most Eldora units were not to its liking. Alus preferred a mobile weapon that was more elegant, refined, all-rounded and above all, powerful. Alus would never admit it, but it found itself attracted to the PFF-X7 Gundam Core Gundam.

With the new weapon it had successfully shaped from mining the data of the PFF-X7 Core Gundam and its variants, Alus would finally take matters into "his" own hands.


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