Tuesday, June 30, 2020

[Kit Insight] Bandai HGBDR 1/144 PFF-X7/E3 Earthree Gundam [Dive Into Dimension Clear] - Light Build

Model Number: PFF-X7/E3
Designation: Hiroto's Customised High Performance General Purpose Gunpla

Core Change: Docking Go! This is the Core Gundam that started it all!

Even after building a number of Core Gundam variants, namely the Veetwo, Jupitive and Eldora Earthree, I did not really mess around with the Core Gundam proper as I was more concerned with the completed look rather than its smaller base form. Having said that, I fiddled with the Core Gundam units a little when putting the kits together and found them to be quite a refreshing experience.

The Core Gundam "system" can be likened to a modernised take on High Grade Gunpla, simplifying the build process but still retaining - even improving - the level of detail and articulation present in 1/144 scale. The Core Gundam itself is quite a formidable feat of model kit engineering even if it is essentially a dwarf. The various components that work to form the final visage feel very well thought-out and meaningful, rather than just an afterthought. This is most obvious in the way the chest armour pieces bolt onto the Core Gundam, secured and locked in by additional pieces that go onto the clavicles. The Core Gundam's features still come through despite the additional armour, which goes towards the "enhancement" vibe than one that shouts "replacement".

The model kit also has some serious articulation, even if armed only with single-jointed knees and elbows. The way the lower sections of the limbs attach to the frame parts allow for a wide range of movement that is more than adequate for any pose you want your Core Gundams in, including a beautiful kneel.

The Earthree Gundam is the first-ever Core Gundam variant introduced, being the protagonist's regular go-to Gunpla for all situations. It is of course based on the venerable RX-78-2 Gundam, invoking its base themes, design cues and colour palette although the Earthree has a lot more blue. It has the bare basics for Gundam-types: a beam rifle, a shield and twin backpack-mounted beam sabers. For all intents and purposes, the Earthree is a "series starter".

The Dive Into Dimension Clear limited item version of the Earthree is definitely a looker, much more than the regular stock variant of the model kit. The particle-infused clear plastic gives it a very GBN feel, where Gunpla are brought to life by computer-generated particles. The shiny bits also reflect a little light, allowing the Earthree to sparkle.

Does this mean I have to collect the other two Dive Into Dimension Clear versions of the Core Gundam?


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