Thursday, June 25, 2020

[Kit Insight] Orange Cat Factory Non-Scale Super Robot Heroes ExCreR [Initial Release Ver.] - Straight Build

This is one sharp and edgey blue boy!

A third party model kit produced by Chinese manufacturer Orange Cat Factory (OCF) that puts out excellent 1/12 scale weapon model kits in its Armed World series, the ExCreR is OCF's first full-fledged mecha robot kit, ostensibly a test-run for the eventual introduction of its own version of the Frame Arms Girl. 

A diminutive, SD-fied version of the Gunsaver ExCreR, the quality of the plastic is pretty good, a tad better than Kotobukiya's but nowhere as good as Bandai's. Parts are also easy to clean, with undergating present on certain parts, although some parts have awkwardly-placed gates that require more cleanup work. 

The Initial Release Ver. of the ExCreR comes with additional options for the clear parts: red and green on top of the regular orange. Curiously, a OFC Armed World 1/12 Scale Weapon Shelf is also included in the package, which doesn't make a lot of sense as the ExCreR's weapons can't really fit on the shelf.

Putting the ExCreR together is both a breeze and a breath of fresh air: no stickers are used to provide colour separation - the look and visage are entirely achieved with parts. Sharp edges and contours abound throughout the model kit, resulting in a very edgey-looking chibi mecha. While most parts fit together snugly enough, a fair portion of the model kit is quite loose, a common issue with third party model kits as the manufacturers typically do not have the quality control infrastructure of a global conglomerate. Therefore, keep model cement at hand while building the model kit and tighten everything up as you put it together. Some parts also require a little elbow grease to close the gaps.

There is no denying that the ExCreR looks phenomenal out of the box. Although some nub marks are visible, the vast majority are hidden away under the armour. In fact, the layering of the armour components in the ExCreR is really interesting, particularly in the chest area where an assemblage of plastic goes over another assemblage to give a very intricate, layered look. Another interesting design cue is in the beam rifle, where a single clear blue part is "split" into five individual clear sections by placing the outer components. If Bandai does this for their MG kits, I will buy more MGs. 

Once done however, don't expect to do a lot with the ExCreR. Even if its articulation is superior to most SD kits, movement and poseability is still stiff at best. Strange design choices in the shoulder prevent the arms from swinging away from the main body and the knee bend doesn't really make a difference such as in SDCS model kits. The edginess of the ExCreR also affects the model kit's mobility somewhat as the multitude of sharp bits and pointy tips do get in the way of one another when posing. But the ExCreR looks badass just standing there looking awesome.

If OFC ever produces a Real Type ExCreR model, I will buy it in a heartbeat.


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