Monday, April 12, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HG 1/550 Bracer Phoenix (Rollout Colour)

Codename: Bracer Phoenix
Designation: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Defense Use Mark-V Jaeger System

It may be smaller in stature as compared to its brethren but the Bracer Phoenix is still a kaiju-beating Jaeger!In terms of how Jaeger designs went, Bracer Phoenix was an enigma. As one of the last Mark V Jaegers to be commissioned before the Pan Pacific Defense Corps accelerated development of the Mark VI series, Bracer Phoenix was built stout and solid, standing many metres lower than its Mark V counterparts. Constructed in the Shanghai Shatterdome, it was meant to weather any and all adversaries with its thick armour and high mobility, using its smaller stature to exploit exposed enemy flanks and deliver unexpected damage.

The Bracer Phoenix was also unique in that it sports a 3-pilot conn-pod framework, similar to its spiritual predecessor the Crimson Typhoon which was also built in the Shanghai Shatterdome. While the 3rd pilot largely served as a gunner for the Jaeger's weapon systems, the neural load for all pilots involved could reach deadly levels in times of high stress, which necessitated intensive mental conditioning for all personnel involved. Bracer Phoenix was also able to be reconfigured for a more traditional 2-pilot interface, which somewhat dampened its overall performance in favour of pilot survivability.

As with all Jaegers at the point of commissioning, the Bracer Phoenix sported a utilitarian if drab colour scheme during its rollout. This same colour scheme can be found on the Mark VI Jaeger Titan Redeemer, whose pilots have yet to garner sufficient combat experience to warrant custom paint privileges.

Each Jaeger had its own signature weapon, reflecting the ideals and vision their designers had for their version of humanity's greatest weapon. For the Bracer Phoenix, this was the Vortex Railgun, a pair of chest-mounted linear cannons that could be substituted for more conventional machine cannons. The machine cannons were cheaper to use and maintain, but spent shells ejecting from the weapon posed a real and present danger to any civilians and property in the immediate vicinity of the Jaeger.

The 3rd pilot had full control over the Vortex Railgun, which could be moved along the breadth of the main body to fire forward or behind the Jaeger, giving the Bracer Phoenix a multitude of tactical long-range options. Successive volleys of railgun projectiles were sufficient in penetrating both kaiju carapace and Jaeger armour plate, which could be quickly followed up with a barrage of micro-AKMs fired from a purpose-built launcher mounted on the left thigh.

Bracer Phoenix was nicknamed the Shield of Shanghai, having defended the city from a multitude of human threats after the Breach was closed.

While the Jaegers in a post-Breach world enjoyed relatively deeper longevity thanks to the lack of kaiju-based threats, the PPDC still operated on a basis of when - not if - the Precursors will once again send kaiju to achieve their aims. As such, core Jaeger weaponry didn't deviate much after the Breach was sealed, centered on close-range sluggers complemented with high-temperature secondaries to prevent the spread of kaiju blue after a successful slaying. 

Bracer Phoenix could - theoretically - make use of its oversized fists to pound kaiju into submission, with a trio of Nuclear Vortex Turbines mounted on the left arm to burn into kaiju carapace for maximum damage.


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