Monday, July 5, 2021

[Kit Insight] Premium Bandai RG Evangelion Unit-01 [Night Combat Color] - Straight Build

Model Number: Unit-01
Designation: Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Test Type for Night Combat

The Premium Bandai version of the RG Evangelion Unit-01 is well worth the extra cash splashed!
Honestly, the RG Evangelion model kit series is just Bandai flexing its superior plamo technology and expertise on the whole industry. The build is quite the experience, with interweaving parts that build on one another which then meld into the collective whole. Real top stuff!

The PB version of Unit-01 is essentially a colour variant of the regular-release model kit, with a shiny metallic sheen layered over the purple areas and green parts cast in glow-in-the-dark plastic. The set also comes with an AT Field made from PET as well as a pair of extra hands specifically used to hold the AT Field (and nothing else). Everything else remains congruent with the non-DX version of the Unit-01 model kit.

The glow-in-the-dark (GITD) parts really make a difference here, giving off a brilliant - if ghostly - green glow if the parts have been sufficiently "charged" with visible light. Under the right conditions (read: pitch black), the GITD parts look like they are backed with LEDs when images are shot with a phone camera. It's pretty amazing. Even in normal lighting, the PB Unit-01 looks very impressive, ferocious and a little alien with its otherworldly finishing on a beast-like design.

The vanilla Unit-01 is now just a plain Jane after seeing this beauty in its full glory.


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