Saturday, October 2, 2021

[Kit Insight] Kotobukiya Megami Device 1/1 Sol Hornet - Straight Build

It's quite refreshing to build a Mecha Girl model kit every once in a while, and the Megami Device line is a pretty good getaway.The Kotobukiya Megami Device 1/1 Scale Sol Hornet is essentially a Frame Arms Girl (FAG) with a lot more stuff, with the main body building like a FAG. The Sol Hornet does feel a little more solid than my FAG Materia, which suffered from broken wrist joints during the build. The face options are also pretty well made, especially the brilliant, natural-looking smiling face option. But with a beam saber, she's looking a little TOO happy.

The sharply-designed equipment was a blast to put together and then put onto the Sol Hornet, giving it immense shelf presence and playability. Sol Hornet's dainty little hands however struggle to properly grip the gorgeous beam rifle, but have little issue with the solid clear purple beam saber. Also, the bundled flexible stand is such a simple yet excellent idea that should be implemented in a far greater scale - it makes posing Sol Hornet so much more fun!


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