Monday, October 4, 2021

[CUSTOM] Bandai HGCE 1/144 GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11 Doppelhorn Dark Dagger L

Model Number: GAT-02L2+AQM/E-M11
Designation: Earth Alliance OMNI Enforcer Mass Production Mobile Suit for Anti-Ship Combat

A dark dagger with a long blade.
A low-visibility colour variant of the standard Earth Alliance Dagger L, the Dark Dagger L was usually deployed by OMNI Enforcer special forces units active in clandestine combat operations such as Phantom Pain. Dark Dagger Ls have slightly improved engineering performance to extend their operating times, but are otherwise similar to regular Dagger Ls save for specialised weaponry such as a new kinetic rifle that is essentially a mobile suit version of the Archangel-class assault ship's "Valiant" linear cannon.

While the Dagger system could mount all OMNI Enforcer Striker Packs, Dark Dagger Ls usually sortied with the mobility-boosting Aile Striker or the Doppelhorn Striker for anti-ship combat. The latter was extremely lethal to capital ships, hardened bunkers and mobile armours, but was a challenge to operate due to the system's massive bulk. Pilots had to finely manipulate the Dark Dagger L's AMBAC controls in order to aim the dual recoilless cannons, but the payoff was usually worth the trouble.

Doppelhorn-equipped Dark Dagger Ls were regularly deployed against marauding ZAFT fleets or to attack ZAFT strongholds. If properly supported and protected by regular Dagger Ls equipped with other Striker Packs, the Dark Dagger Ls could lay waste to entire fleets from range, the anti-ship rounds able to easily penetrate capital ship plating or cleave off enough key sections to disable the entire vessel.

Despite their formidable firepower, Dark Dagger Ls with Doppelhorn Strikers were basically sitting ducks due to the bulk of their Striker Packs, which reduced mobility of the mobile suit by at least 30%. The kinetic rifles also ran out of ammunition fairly quickly which necessitated adequate support for the Dark Dagger Ls to effectively discharge their battlefield roles.


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